Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good News or Bad?

Wednesday night was the first time I heard any talk show host use the phrase Soviet-style in the manner I have when referring to what most people still refer to as MSM, but to which I refer as SSM -- Soviet-Style Media.

The actual sentence he used was  near the end of his opening monologue at 11:50 (of the podcast) pertaining to the fight we have forced on the House of Representatives to eliminate the funding for ObamaCare:
"What will all the phoney conservatives, phoney leaders of the Republican Party in the senate [McCain, Graham, McConnell, Alexander], what will they do?  Are they going to continue to undermine the American people who want nothing to do with this damn Soviet-style law? " [Earlier in the monologue he lays out how tyrannical Obamacare's implementation has been, and thus fitting of the appellation.]
The good news is that by Levin uttering the phrase "Soviet-style," that the phrase is no longer found solely on this humble blog. It is now okay to say on national radio. And elsewhere.

The bad news: Is it too little too late to affect the debate and fight?

Well, let us pray that it is not too late.  I myself realized only this past March that the media is the most Soviet-style institution we have. And, as such, has been the most damaging to our efforts to garner respect for the TEA Party movement and its goal of reining in the monstrous growth of Leviathan.

Thus, I say again, paraphrasing Cato the Elder, but in English this time: Soviet-style media must be destroyed.


  1. I think we need to game the media. While the current administration is doing what our media deems as right, they will continue to white wash the errors and outright criminal nature of the current crop of crooks.

    If we have a republican administration the media then becomes the attack dogs that do their best to tear down the administration.

    The only way we can get a true picture of what goes on in Washington is to elect leaders the media does not like. It is in our best interest not to believe them too much.

    That is one difference between our current news media and a soviet style one. they had to be cheerleaders of the administration regardless of their like or dis like of those in power.

    1. This is the 21st Century. There has only been Statist and Statist light administrations. The biggest beef the SSM had with Bush43 was that he had the wrong party label and did not move left fast enough for them. They bitched and moaned about DHS; then mocked it for mostly weird color schemes of alert statuses. But he accomplished setting the stage for them.

      Had Al Gore been Prez, getting DHS would have been harder to get, and it would have been forced to operate more within the confines of the Constitution, because the GOP Congress would have opposed it. And I really doubt we'd have BHO in office today either.

      That quote of Huey Long really tells us how the SSM operated during the Bush years. They yelled at his fascism even as they knew they'd love to use it once they figured out a way to make the voters' pendulum swing left. "Fascism will come to America in the name of antifascism." Bush could claim he was forced to govern left because of the media, whereas the far left like Media Matters only last week claimed the media has turned hostile towards BHO. The game never ends.

      The lives of the common man is in the cross-hairs of SSM. Hence, self preservation demands SSM delenda est. We rebuild a real 4th Estate on the ashes of the repudiated old one, retaining some form of gibbet as a warning for the next gen.

  2. That is what this is, the new fourth estate. Trouble is twitter is the New Hot Thing. So if we plan on changing the youth we need to hit that.

    Staying up with the new hot thing is tiring.


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