Monday, September 09, 2013

Are You a Target of the Susnuts?

Or are you one of their mindless bots who believes you are somehow special?

At Liberty's Torch, Weetabix asked me a question whose answer is too long to put into a small comment.

Pascal - I must admit up front that a surfeit of current projects has undermined my normal willingness to research - have you any links to further explain the "Malthusian Sustainability nuts?" 

The answer is even too long for a single post, but I need try at least this once.

For my recent thoughts, the Sustainability label at my blog will provide you many examples of news that spurred me to note the connection.

Our host, Fran, beginning in 2004, ran an exhaustive series called "The Death Cults."  The participation of mainstream elected leaders were much less brazen then. But they did permit non-profit status to be bestowed upon a load of Malthusian extremists. The same IRS that blocked TEA Party groups from (c4) status lets those guys thrive under (c3).

I've a not too complex theory that has withstood my tests over time. It is time to let others take some shots at it. If it only needs some adaptations and it can be refined, maybe there is hope that can be snatched from the knowledge. Know thy enemy and know thyself, and you will win every war said Sun Tsu.

Thomas Malthus' theories arose about 50 years after Pascal's death. The Age of Reason was beginning to undermine the Ancien Régimes. Many rulers saw and welcomed the benefits of liberty. But two kinds, both powerful, hated it. Those who hate the common man, and those who love concentrated power. Sometimes they're the same, and sometimes not. Malthus provided a "moral" cloak to hide both the explicit and implicit hatred of humanity -- even from themselves. By being able to convince even themselves that their vision is righteous, they can remain calm and seemingly benign as they convince large numbers
"Leave it to us boys. We know what needs be done. Really."

(The ancient Sophists understood power and how to get and keep it. One of their chief ways of keeping it was through fostering ideas that attract casuists -- men who sought the moral path based on studying cases of conduct -- and let them do the heavy lifting, often with little expense or risk to the Sophists' masters, spurred by a few demagogues, and fueled considerably by the zeal of the useful idiots. Eric Hoffer, by popularizing the more easily understood term of "true believer,"  did us a disservice by disconnecting the Greek designation for them, and thus their historically implied connection to the power seeking schemers. The humanity haters may believe they now have sufficient armies of those who are enthralled by the indirect means  to achieving a new (old) religion (see below). It is one that will provide them moral authority to achieve their goals. The real powers only have to support the activists when things get tough. Mostly they have historically chosen to be silent partners. Today -- not so silent.) 

A tactical note. What I'd like to make popular is the term Susnuts (or something like it), for the worshipers of Sustainability. (It really does fit the open ones. What I'd like is for the term to affect those who remain hidden. Some, who retain some of their humanity, will feel tainted by it). They believe their goal is righteous: to save us all from the one thing (they believe) that the planet has too much of -- human beings. They know that targets will not appreciate it, so they can't easily announce it. But they could not help leaving mountains of evidence as they progress.

It has all the earmarks of a religion. Ancient pagan ones. The ones that flung live babies into holocausts and virgins to the wolves. Its "priests" are instigating wars with the competition; that is, with  all people who still adhere to the Judeo-Christian ethos whether or not they are religious.

For instance, you are seeing today with the witch hunts to rid the military of people who dare stand by their religion. Any religion that has in its books the promise "God will provide" -- the contrary idea to their conviction that we will run out of sustainable items -- is anathema to them. The phrase linked to Hitler "the Jewish disease" expresses the major cultural foundational obstacle to the earliest Susnuts (eugenics embracing Progressives such as H.G. Wells and Margaret Sanger) long before Hitler was born.

One more thing. The old labels do not apply here. Even those who call themselves religious or conservative will say "but there are too many people." They might be reachable. If even 50% reading this blog don't say that, then that would be wonderful news. But, if Armageddon really is imminent, forget about large numbers. Then, as Revelation predicts, the majority are already deluded. What can I say? The ones who seek to save their souls will be reached.

I say that as an agnostic. I literally do not know. But the evidence is hard to deny. Believing the world is overpopulated has to be deluded, because it leads inevitably to world-wide wipe-outs. This goes back to "Progressive" thought of the late 1800s. Those who most want children cannot be tolerated by the Progs lest they over-populate with all "the wrong" types. HG Wells' eugenic euphemism of "people of the abyss" is what they do not want as survivors.

If we are stoked into a civil war, it will be between peoples who have been set upon each other by these schemers seeking to obliterate the current population of the planet. I used the term 1/13 as a guess for their target number, because it fits their vision so well. A normal deck of 52 playing cards has only 4 aces; 4/52 = 1/13. Only Aces will be permitted to survive. Ace rocket scientists down to ace housekeepers and gardeners I guess.  Don't ask me how they plan on living well if they do manage somehow to survive their man-made cataclysm. They're the whiz-kids. Ask them.

I look at this pessimistic thought process of the Susnuts, their craven misanthropic backers and their foolish followers and I see a clear demarcation between them and people who I'd say are filled with common human decency. That is a charitable streak which shows itself most nobly in times of crisis often in stark contrast to the less than noble behaviors that occur then too. In short its captured by the phrase "we are all in the same boat; let's make the best of it."

The Susnut creed, with its religious like belief in the inevitability of Malthusian catastrophes, and which has created a moral imperative derived from the specious Precautionary Principle, has to hide its intentions from its victims.
  • The boat we call Earth has limited resources, so we enlightened geniuses must decide who stays and what useless souls must be thrown overboard. 
  • We love humanity so much we must cull it properly in order to save it. 
  • Our morality (live and let die) trumps yours (live and let live) so much that we can't even speak of it openly because the majority are benighted souls who simply do not understand us.
Are you with them or are you against them?

And if you agree with them, then "are you useful?"

For how long?

Well?  Are you a target of the Susnuts?


  1. "It has all the earmarks of a religion. Ancient pagan ones."
    Was watching "Metropolis" a couple nights ago. All of a sudden the machine the workers are servicing becomes Moloch, devouring them.

    1. I don't know how good your local library is, but there is another silent era movie for which I've only seen the preview for. It was on a DVD for the DWGriffith epic that essentially bankrupted the legendary filmmaker: Intolerance.

      I don't currently recall the name of the Italian film, circa 1915, but the promo showed this huge mouth on an idol with babies thrown in is still seared on my memory.

  2. You said: "Believing the world is overpopulated has to be deluded, because it leads inevitably to world-wide wipe-outs."

    I never bought into the over population "myth". To be sure, there are specific areas which are over burdened (Bangladesh comes to mind). But even this high density population area could, with the aid of various technological, and common sense applications, be made into something much more habitable.

    That being said, I had heard the following from various different sources over the past few years. It strikes me as the perfect response to the over population doom sayers out there.

    "But will there be too many of us? At the PAA meeting, in the Dallas Hyatt Regency, I learned that the current population of the planet could fit into the state of Texas, if Texas were settled as densely as New York City" from "Population 7 Billion", an article in National Geographic, Jan 2011.

    Kinda puts things in perspective doesn't it.

    1. Because of the insistence of our of our Intelligentsia and its influence peddlers on this subject, I had turned in 2004 to Fran Porretto to for aid. And he wound up writing quite a bit. Here is the paragraph from an email that I sent him that he later included in what I think was his second essay in the series.

      "I believe that we can tie much of what appears to be illogical to this desire to limit human population by a few, and by the many who are misled into believing that either God or nature -- including human nature's drive to overcome any adversity -- will be insufficient. You know: those who are convinced that Malthus has just got to be eventually correct."

      They continue to push that agenda -- the susnuts believing that their goals make them morally superior -- and seek to expand their gains each day. That awful 10-10 No Pressure promo of 3 years ago served, I think, as an example that they felt there is no force that can stop them.

      I ask for prayer that their overconfidence lead to exposure of their dangerous hubris, and that spark the beginning of their end.

  3. I'll give you one of the best religions the deceiver ever had as it kept the Jews in the desert for 40 years after the exodus. Baal worship. The current version of Baal is Islam.

    The main issue I see among the elites is they never account for the pieces that make a system work. They are all CEO's in their own mind, but they rarely know how things work. That is for someone else. Never defined or accounted for.

    I am sure the attempt to foment a race war will fizzle. Too many of the prog's are not taking the bait. The American dream is now enough food to keep you fed, a smart phone to keep you connected and a safe place to sleep.

    Since a man's home is no longer his castle and the amount of true home owner ship has plummeted there are not many examples of the American dream to aspire to. That coupled with the death of the family unit. Most of the millenials have grown up in a broken home that was rented with the remaining parent working long hours to keep the family feed and clothed.

    No wonder a lot of kids are rejecting this model.

    Until we can come up with a new frontier to explore we will continue this downward spiral.

    As to our ability to feed the masses, food is not the issue. We can grow all the protein we need. We do not have a distribution model that is efficient enough to get it to every where it needs to be.

    With Thorium reactors we have all the oil we will ever need.

    No, what is missing is a goal to aspire to for our young people. I don't know what that would be, but I have hope if we hold on a little longer those rocket people in the desert might come up with something.

    A lot of quick points.

  4. Today there was this story: Pope Francis reaches out to atheists and agnostics.

    “The Pope has struck a surprisingly conciliatory tone towards atheists and agnostics, saying that God will “forgive” them as long as they behave morally and live according to their consciences.” [emphasis added]

    Live according to your conscience. What a godsend (lower case) to those whose morality is not “live and let live,” but “do whatever it takes to protect Sustainability.”

    See? That’s a moral code too, and those who believe it to be righteous are living “according to their consciences.”

    I’d love to ask Pope Francis “Whatever happened to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you?’ but I fear I know his answer. If there any institution that is not overrun by new age influences, I’d like to support it.

  5. The problem with living your moral code is that I will project my code on you.

    That is not correct as my experience and thoughts are not yours.

    To allow everyone to do what they think is right will lead to anarchy.

    The rule of law must be upheld. We just need fewer laws. When you attempt to force law to replace common sense you get anarchy as well.

    We need a frontier to keep everyone's focus somewhere else. As we refine this experience we will muck it up. We need a frontier to send people to and engage the imagination of the rest of us.

    However till then do unto others as you would have them do to you would be better than what we have now, which is do unto others before they do anything to you.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "To allow everyone to do what they think is right will lead to anarchy."
    Isn't that the post-Eden Dispensation that led to the Flood?


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