Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Filibuster Live

Live streaming video by Ustream

While you watch this, you may find this post, inspired by the words of Harry Reid (who made this filibuster necessary), noteworthy.

No Taxation Without Representation


  1. good theater. I really doubt he will be able to stop OBama care. To many people are at the table.

    We stopped being the USA in 2012. The genesis of our downfall was not correcting the left when they started to dismantle the republic we were for the democracy we have become.

    Bullets, Beans, and Band aids. You cannot have too many.

    1. I hate it when I think how accurate is your assessment. The fact that this is not really a filibuster since the agreement to relinquish the floor was prearranged kind of supports that line of thinking. A filibuster is designed to keep the discussion of bill going indefinitely. This was not that.

      And when I reveal how Brent Bozelle's MRC has about as much interest in anything but money from the public -- how Congressional of it -- that it should leave my readers wondering if any institution remains that has not become a self-serving fraud.

  2. Senator Cruz relinquished the floor at noon Eastern Time to Majority Leader Reid. By 9 past noon the following of this feed went from nearly 10,000 to just over 6000.

    Clearly the American People want more senators to fight to defund Obamacare as are Senators Cruz and Lee.

    Call all GOP senators and point out how little of the majority care for the Majority Leader.

    And also inform them that to vote for cloture is to become a pariah to all the middle class once the ones who do not realize it yet later discover what damage those "opposition" senators allowed to go forward.


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