Thursday, October 03, 2013

Obama Slams Striking Workers

Obama/Reid Shutdown, Day 3

The President of these United States, member of the Democratic Party, argues that striking workers deserve to be fired. Think I made that up do you?

Will someone who knows how tell me how to save this youtube? Because I believe the White House, after someone there awakens from their drunken stupor, is gonna be putting pressure on Google to send this down the memory hole. Save this folks. It's a gem.


  1. Drunken monkeys have more on the ball that this group of ninnies. We are in the best of hands.

    I am working on a theory about education and common sense. You can have one but not both.

    Still a work in progress.


  3. You can get an add-on, extension, or plug-in for your particular browser that will download YouTube videos as mp4. Look under Tools or Add-ons to find the area, then ask to add new ones, then search for YouTube download.

    1. Thanks MTS.
      I was informed offline of another easy way requiring no 3rd party software. And it works.

      Can either you or Ed tell me of any drawbacks?

      1)I go to where the video is hosted (like the page where this one shows up at youtube).
      2)I click on the browser's File --> Save Page As --> name-I-like.html
      3) Saving it in some folder on my harddrive.

      4) Then I can find the file when I want to see it simply by clicking on the file name and it loads in my browser, but with the file location showing where the URL normally sits.

      My guess is the only drawback with this method is I cannot upload it to my site as I can with say an mp4.

      Is that about right?



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