Monday, June 24, 2013

Would You Buy a Pig In a Poke?

Increasingly common: our Congressional "representatives" tell you should buy what they give you.
    "What's in it? What's it cost?"
    "The right to ask is beyond your pay-grade Dopey."

The Senate just passed the huge amnesty bill before reading it. Same as they did with two stimulus bills and Obamacare. Same as was done under George W Bush with TARP.

Speaking of pigs. Who remembers "The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee" story?

They seem to be welding shut the gates to your corral.

You know that extra 20,000 border patrolmen we are told are in this obamination? Needed for stopping fleeing Americans.

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  1. The GOP senators that voted for this Shamnesty have lost their minds!!! Last evening while driving home I heard Marco Rubio arguing with Greta Van Susteren on Sirius XM about the “good things” in the bill. Later, I saw and heard Ted Cruz (during a repeat of Hannity’s show) counter Rubio’s claims with the truth that amnesty would come first (and the pork they added to get some senators on board…) and THEN MAYBE the border will be secured. But the truth is that Janet Napolitano will have “discretion” [a.k.a. WON'T GET DONE!] on just WHEN or IF the border would be secured!

    The House will save us (I hope!!!) from this awful Shamnesty bill! And, I will never trust Rubio ever again.

    And…Kelly Ayotte is a TEA Party traitor!


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