Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Slogans of the Supermen

Let's face it. Until the cowards of the new politburo have the majority of us safely contained, they will never admit they are building to a new final solution. So to understand they who hate you better, you are forced to speculate how they keep themselves on their narrow little track to hell.

They think themselves supermen because they dare consider the really big thinks. But since they are really only humans inculcated with the moral imperative that is associated with Neo-Malthusianism, they need catchy slogans to help keep them focused on their task. It -- and they by extension -- are too important. So their task must never be forgotten (like Nancy Pelosi's eyes). Else their normal consciences, cleverly suppressed now, might sneak back and take over and spoil all the megalomania of the architects.

So here are my own dim-witted speculations of what is in the mind of those who hate you.

"Eliminate the no longer useful so that the best may survive."

 "Übermenschen über  untermenschen."

"So that we may survive, let the unvaluable die."

"Live and Let Die."

I'm sure you can speculate on more clever slogans. The Left is filled with sloganeers, so I'm sure they have much more catchy elevations for themselves and put downs of you.

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