Saturday, June 29, 2013


Time and again we now read of, hear of, and even see words and actions that have historically been considered as terrible, rotten and worse. Yet even in more normal times they were often of a nature that there were not legal remedies. However, the behavior would have received near universal public condemnation, and its purveyors subjected to due opprobrium.

Today, we are ever more witnessing the reverse to be true. Should the "wrong" designee utter any disparagement towards a member of a favored group for having done something society once considered universally egregious, he is likely to find himself facing legalities. Most call it as the SSM has taught them to call it. Politically Correct. I think that I have identified it on these pages more accurately as Political Cowering. Cowardice. (Due to unpreparedness at best, but often made worse by complicity.)

And now, as you shall see below, because saner heads have not prevailed in our society, this phenomenon has gone on to become far worse.

Readers may recall that a few years ago I invented the word victimoguery.

Today, Dr. Francis Porretto, in Legitimized Victims, identified circumstances demonstrating that such victimogues (or in less precise but more familiar terms: exploitative sociopaths) have taken us to the brink of their inevitable destination. They are instigating riots and mayhem, all justified by indoctrination of a warped and lopsided moral code created solely to inflame hatreds, and in many instances (but not the worst) for a variety of economic and political reasons that serves the exploiters well.
A flash point will inevitably be reached as the full legal implementation of this phoney justice, identified in the following summation, begins to hit normally decent human beings.

If you're not a member of a Leftist mascot group, you may not harm a member of any such. More, a Leftist mascot can take your life in any way he pleases, with no blot upon his group "identity."

Although Dr. Porretto limited his observations to the US, it is the same all over the world where humanity formerly thrived under, more or less, the concept of  the Western Social Contract.

What Dr. Porretto has identified is worse than abrogation by the state side. It is worse than the ages older divide and conquer tactic. And mainstream politicians like President Obama (having set the stage for those threatening riots should George Zimmerman be acquited) and Senator Schumer (setting the stage for those threatening riots should illegal aliens demands not be met) are talking and acting like Left-wing fringe radicals from the late 19th Century.

Another way to put how far this debacle of thinking has taken us is this.  Who would have ever thought that, as a consequence from having permitted the mass murderer escape execution, Charles Manson would see the fulfillment of his dream? (Well, maybe Paul Ehrlich, who you may be sure is nearing orgasm.)

It is a pretty horrible set up that these victimogues have wrought for us. I do not see any leader on the horizon with the understanding of how to cut this Gordian knot. So I repeat Dr. Porretto's advice. Yes pray. Very much.


  1. Spot on. But guts and guns will have to fix this, because nothing else will.
    When the courts are owned by the enemy, when political cowardice rules the right, all that's left is revolution. Armed rebellion.
    All else is just talk.

    1. Wretchard writes today: "To some extent America is in the same boat as the Egyptians. There’s an awareness of deep trouble which nobody has figured a way to get out of."

      Heh. Love his "nobody" twist.

  2. "There is an awareness of deep trouble which nobody who considers, or is considered, to be part of the Washington insiders/elite has figured a way to get out of."

    There...fixed it for you!

    Any number of us have had (or continue to have) at least a major start to the "Middle East Problem(s)". This would involve the selective use of our Naval and Air Force, and their ability to deposit as much "sunshine in a can" as needed to provide effective "radiation therapy" on the worldwide cancer known as Islam.

    But than I am not politically correct, or elite, or a Washington insider (Though I used to work out there once upon a time.) what do I know.

    Guy S.

  3. "There is an awareness of deep trouble which nobody if one is talking exclusively about Washington DC insiders/elitists and their media ilk , has figured a way to get out of."

    There, fixed it for ya!!

    For those of us who are not constrained by political correctness, and or are unafraid to deal with the "800lb gorilla" residing in the middle of the geo-political room. there is at least a major start toward solving the majority of the problem(s) in the Middle East.

    We allow our Naval and Air Force to selectively send as many containers of "Sunshine-in-a-Can ™ " , as needed to various points throughout the Middle East. Correctly done, this "radiation therapy" will provide the majority of treatment necessary to relieve us of the cancer which is Islam.

    But I am just a constitution loving, former inside the beltway job holder, so what do I know.


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