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BELIEF In Sustainability: Sneakily Violating Our Constitution

About two weeks ago I expanded my subheading. I have decided to spend more time addressing the problem as I see it. My former interrogative subheading "If our "leaders" are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases? " was less precise than I felt it should be, so I changed it to the four sentences you see now.

Today I am going to address the first sentence: "Despite the alleged separation of church and state, belief in Sustainability is widely held in American secular government."

I would like to see a law suit brought against agents and agencies in our Federal Government for gross violation of the first Amendment. Charging our secular authorities with establishing a state religion will be difficult because they will steadfastly deny it is a religion. More to the point: they dare not declare it a religion yet. But their refusal does not make this impossible. See, there is precedent for defeating their denials. It simply will be a harder task than was that of the precedent.

First of all, let us call it a nascent secular religion for now. That allows even those who favor the beliefs to be able to deny that a religion based on those beliefs is not really in formation.

The precedent I am referring to is desegregation.  The tactic used to defeat denials of segregation was establishing that defacto segregation existed. Our task will be harder because the world has changed and the soviet-style media (SSM) is uniformly against us.

To date I do not know if I have any allies in this fight. Almost all writers simply will not touch the topic.  The few of whom I am aware to have done so have ceased. Unless I begin to group the facts and make the case where evidence can be labeled exhibit 1, exhibit 2, and so on, I fear no one else will. 

The case must first be brought into the court of public opinion. I sure could use your help. If you see as I see that secular forces are determined to finally obliterate all Judeo-Christian religions (which is the competition of the nascent state religion, or possibly with Sharia where there might be special set-aside agreements at least temporarily) by various and sundry means, by hook or by crook, and you would like to do something legally about it, then maybe you should consider helping.

More anon.


  1. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Was gonna post this comment in response to a post of yours (It is NOT Insanity) I saw in Google Reader but which is not active yet.
    Still appropriate.

  2. Ephesians 6:12
    King James Version (KJV)
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Google reader is confusing to me.
    I followed one link to a post of yours that I couldn't get to.
    Followed another to a post I could get to, commented the above, and now I don't see that post.
    But the verse is even more applicable to this post.
    Sorry for cluttering your comments section.

  3. I was saving comments left at that other site so I could consider them and use some of the arguments elsewhere (some of which I have already done.) It was late and I absently hit publish instead of save. Google Reader was too fast this time, proving you can't be certain that you can unpublish anything. It was not up more than 20 seconds when I hit "revert to draft."

    If I did get around to publishing it, there were a number of things I needed to do.

    1) What you see there I felt is too long, and I have a dilemma over how to shorten it.
    2) It was and is missing my initial comment at the other site. Adding any portion of that would exacerbate the length.
    3) There were a number of typos both there and in the original comments. I had fixed some but not all.
    4) When I saved what you may see as the 2nd comment there, the comment had failed to appear at the other site. I did not want to lose the work, and the blogger draft tool was where I was saving it. After my alert to the author, he freed the comment and it did appear, a fact at odds with the errant publication of the draft.

    Did you find that draft readable as it was? Maybe my pseudo doggerel of the day before prepared you for it. LOL

  4. Just got your email. I know nothing of Selwyns blog, but this answers everything.
    Yeah, what I read (that you subsequently yanked) referenced stuff I wasn't aware of so I found it a little disjointed.

  5. Pascal,

    I read your essay today and you make several excellent points! Your post really got me to thinking about all the terrible ways that our Constitution is currently being violated by this evil government that we are under. I brought up two additional ways that our Constitution is being violated (there are probably hundreds more!) in addition to your concern about the sustainability issue that is posted in your essay at your own blog.

    My comment became too long to post here so I decided to create a blog post which includes a link to your essay.

    Violating Our Constitution

  6. Thank you. Let me put in a proper link Christine: Violating Our Constitution.

    Your post did a great job of introducing people to the notion that are battling more than simply those who lust for power. They've nurtured all sorts of green groups who act like religious zealots about environment.

    Every sort from wackos to organizations that carry about an air of respectability. Such as from ELF and ALF to NRDC and Sierra Club. And of course, aiding and abetting every traffic-light group in between.

    And the biggest of those work hand in glove with the EPA and Interior and DOJ (and God knows who else) behind closed doors to harass individuals, businesses and organizations into falling in line with their fascism -- or else.

    [I will obtain from the web for recent stories telling exactly how that racket works if I expand this comment]

  7. Thanks for including a link to my post.

    I hope that many people visiting my blog will come over here to read your work.

    The "green" frenzy by the lunatic leftists was once the subject of S.F. wacko rallies. Now, people who agree with these loons are in and running the government! Scary times that we live in.

    The weakness being displayed by ObamaFRAUD to the commie countries is absolutely sickening.

    I pray every day that God will continue to uphold our nation FOR US during this difficult time where evil people and organizations have wreaked havoc upon our citizenry. Lies abound in this terrible era of evil, sin and death which has permeated every aspect of our government.

    1. Christine,
      Please contact me thru pascalfervor-at-yahoo-dot-com so I can ask you something about addressing the scoffs of GMp.


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