Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Most Traitorous SSM (Soviet-Style Media) Gambit Yet

It is my opinion that the Dextrosphere should charge the AP with their most traitorous subterfuge and collusion to date. Despite all their complaints, I think there is good cause to see it as feigned. I suspect they are acting in concert with the DOJ as they have with Obama since he came on the political scene.

The Drudge headlines appearing late on Wednesday provide evidence that the ploy may be working.

From the very beginning the AP scandal stunk. We are to believe that all of a sudden the Obama administration is targeting even their friends in the media? And so conservatives and TEA Party members can let down their guard as they expect the SSM to join with them in their outrage? HAH!  I can hardly wait for the AP and Bummer kiss-and-make-up season finale.


Most commentators who've noticed this suspect it is to focus the headlines away from many of the other scandals of the Bummer administration.

But I think the matter they are trying desperately to have ignored is strategically more important to the Statists than all the scandals they are practically flaunting at this point. After all,  they have proven themselves worse than shameless (John McCain for instance), and actually brazen with their illegal activities.

I think what they want ignored most is Amnesty.

This is all so Harry Reid and the SKUNCs can push through the Amnesty without Borders / United States Destruction bill before the number of Americans who are angered gets much much larger than the current 80%.

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