Thursday, June 06, 2013

What Date Do You Want In the Pool?

Holy Congressional sanctity Batman.

Seeing as how Holder just about admitted to spying on Congress, what is your guess before he is gone? I hesitate to add:  before he has a chance to tell us who put him up to it?

For when this video disappears, it's title was: "Eric Holder Refuses To Answer If DOJ Monitored Phones for Members of Congress."

Oh, and hat tip to Ace: Sen. Kirk Asks Holder if He Spied on Congress; Holder Says He Can't Answer That In An Open Forum.


  1. If holder goes down it will probably only be to provide a smokescreen for other nefarious activity.

    1. That's pretty funny considering how the Left keeps claiming all these scandals are manufactured in order to derail Bummer's agenda. And they are always looking for martyrs to gain themselves an advantage, even if they have to create them themselves.

      What's infuriating is how long it will take for the rest of the GOP to get in line with this congressman's immediate reaction to Holder: "That's the wrong answer!"


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