Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shameless Sus High Priest

Just when you didn't think he could be any more of a fool, Bummer tops himself, all with the aid of the SSM doing its 3-monkey shtick.

But we fearlessly step in to fill the vacuum left by the creatures formerly practicing journalism.

His Most High Eminence, Sustainability Priest Obama, declared today that all who disagree with his denial of the latest science news were "Flat Earth Society" members that he has no time for.

Sus worshipers clearly don't like humans very much do they? For else they would not be looking to freeze us (increasing the cost of all fuel and looking to eliminate coal altogether) and starve us (wasting corn acreage to be burned and eliminating farm land under ESA and other pretexts)  in the name of protecting the planet from us.

You know their claims that we're heating her up. It turns out that even the science that is beholden to them and their grants says it's not (see that second link up there).

It's an awfully suspect religion that our rulers have tied to their tyranny.

Look friends, religious and atheist alike, it definitely is in our best interest to put an end to this attempted government establishment of an all-but-declared religion before it destroys us in large numbers.

These charlatans and hangers on believe there is no force in the world that can stop them. But the truth of Natural Law keeps coming back to bite em', so they have to lie to prop up their facade a few more moments so they can steal your treasury blind.

I know from conversations that even those who don't believe in God will accept the notion of Natural Law.  So because it (some say the Hand of God) has made a liar of the Sus cult and its tyrants and now they have nothing left but to increase the lying and start looking for the exits.

Even though Leftist who agree with you on nothing major are likely more embarrassed by this bozo than they would like (or ever) admit. Take it to them.


  1. IF we had a "fourth estate" which was actually doing it's job, then we might see a percentage of those on the left admit to their error in letting this fool in presidential clothing attain and hold on to his current office.
    (If only from peer pressure, and accepting that their "media betters" have allowed them to openly think this way.)

    Sadly, even that avenue is long since disappeared from the landscape.

    Those (of us) who have and or are blogging about his transgressions (and those of his administration and agencies) are to be ignored for all the obvious talking points we have been labeled (libeled??!!) with and subjected (subjugated?!!) to. "We" don't count. So by extension, our words/voices don't either.

    That many of us also had reservations about any number of things done by Bush and his cronies matters not. (And no, I am not directly comparing Bush to Obama, just saying he was not without his blemishes either. The Patriot Act/DHS comes to mind, for starters.) The biggest difference between the two (at least at the political level) was Bush would be a great example of where the road of good intentions will (and has) lead you to. Obama on the other hand is a prime example of a third world despot holding court in a first world office.

    1. "'We' don't count. So by extension, our words/voices don't either."

      It may be true that what we say will amount to nothing but wind, and that we will becomes targets because we spoke out.

      But their threats will not stop me from trying. I would not wish to come to the end of my life knowing I did not TRY to awaken more souls to the danger that is facing them.

      There are people out there who would like to speak out as I am trying, but they are too fearful to do so, and for reasons that are too numerous to count. All I ask, if there are souls who agree with me, please do what will not place you in direct danger to help. You will be more blessed for it.


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