Sunday, June 09, 2013

I Am Honored and Grateful

Og published today "In conversation with Pascal." Due to my frequent inability to get to the point quickly, I am very grateful he did .

My contribution was simply to observe that King Solomon set the liberal standard when he chose not to execute the covetous, lying, murderous, false mother for attempted murder-by-the-state, the moral equivalent of the mastermind behind a hired assassin.

Og explains quickly and clearly how the ripple effect from that decision works. And he also came up with a very cogent conclusion of his own.
And this has been the gold standard for liberalism since; consequence free nastiness for people who act out.
It certainly does explain the progression of a lot of things. [emphasis mine]
Yeah, the consequences have fallen not on the miscreants within every Western cultural center whose "kings" have gone overboard with tolerance since that time, but to those of us who now suffer for still honoring that culture, under God, in gratitude for the immense number of good things it has engendered far beyond that of other cultures.

My insight germinated out of a written debate he'd been having with RobertaX over the past week (and maybe years.), so it is doubly fitting he published it rather than I. I'm simply his cheering section today.


  1. I like the observation you made concerning Solomon.

  2. You did the heavy lifting. I just reported it.

    1. I tend to be reactive. Without your back and forth with Rx, I'd not have had anything to pick up on. And then there was the matter of your talent for relaying the pithy part of my observation (and showing me how the other tangents can be set aside for later). Thanks again.

  3. That's good, very good. I'm going to spread that around.
    I stopped checking in with you for a while, Pascal. You've put on a burst of speed lately.


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