Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Lying in the morning,
Scamming in the evening
Cov'ups at suppertime
That's what our media gives us
They hate us all the time.
Busted: Washington Post Stealth Edits PRISM Story

It's gotten to be habitual.


  1. Was it Winston in 1984 who was to edit history?

    1. Yes.

      And then threw the order for the change down the memory hole. It turned out the Inner Party members (O'Brien) had all the real history at their disposal. They had to retain it I imagine in order have enough knowledge to keep their world working all while allowing the public only lies.

      I am not so sure our inner party has the wherewithal to actually keep sense from nonsense properly separated. In the end, Natural Law will have the final say no matter what their schemes.


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