Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Statist Tools: Plan B

Doncha just love the way our patriarchal Statists (through the man in the president's office and his cadres) use language?

Here's the Drudge headline that prompted today's warning.

Plan B: In latenight announcement, Obama allows morning-after abortion pill for under-17s...

All the while play-acting like they are the defenders of women, they are actively scheming (clandestinely even -- as suggested by the "late-night" announcement) to push sterilization pills (said to be temporary, unh, huh) into the mouths of minor girls.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, backed off her virulent eugenics program (Plan A) after she became involved with H.G. Wells. It was Wells who pointed out to her that her "worthwhile" goals would be resisted if forced on the target populations. He convinced her that what was needed was to disguise the idea as something desirable; a Plan B. "Choice."  The rest, paraphrasing the "as they say," is the end of history. The end of history, at least, of many of those young women suckered into volunteering the end of their lines.

The misanthropically nurtured Malthusians have switched from Plan A to Plan B and our side hardly ever gets the message out. More is our shame than our pity. It is not safe to follow leaders who never have a harsh word for Malthusian, Utilitarian, and Green nut-cases.

And doncha also love how the Statists are flogging our side by actually calling this pill "Plan B." God bless 'em, they are a boastful lot.


  1. Good post. They are all members of "the people of the lie" and thus are blatantly disgusting arbiters of the culture of death.

    1. Thanks CWJC. I know you try to inform.

  2. In many countries in Europe, the plan B pill is available also without a prescription. However, you are still required to ask for them directly from the pharmacist. In this way, they can educate the user about the risks and possible side affects of taking such a large amount of hormone in one dose and that these pills should NOT be used as a standard form of contraception. They make it clear that they should only be used as a last result if other forms of contraception have failed, and that multiple uses of this kind of pill with heavy hormone doses could cause future fertility problems. The idea is to educate the user and to prevent anyone from just grabbing a handful of a grocery store isle and popping them like candy. I fear for the young women of America.

    1. Thank you. This is news to many Americans -- especially the young girls who the authorities are DELIBERATELY not informing.

  3. Replies
    1. Only the last version in the movie was green. And that was fiction. The reality is that we have been cannibalizing fellow humans for decades now, only not calling it that. You may or may not recall this post Ed. Could Smoking Buy You Time?


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