Sunday, June 16, 2013

Proofs It Is Happening Here

First let me pass along an observation of a friend of mine being dismissed by a long-time friend of his.

A woman (an anarcho-libertarian atheist) closed her ears to my friend (a religious conservative) because she insisted that evidence he introduced had happened in EU and could not happen here. She said she refused to let him trouble her any further.

What is more troubling is I have similar problems with people close to me. They are nowhere near the type who would label themselves atheist, let alone anarcho anything. But they are equally as determined not to hear news that would shatter their personal world-view.

So, I hope you know how to be a better diplomat than either me or my friend, because the world needs more courageous people to help shatter the delusions of such frightened souls. Help get them in fight rather than fright mode. And let there be no doubt, the dilemma facing you is that you want them aiding you to fight your mutual enemy and NOT turning on YOU. (Such is the terrible situation when you realize how much influence is carried by our SSM -- soviet-style media.)

Two stories go a long way to illuminate how badly that woman is deluded by saying what happens in Europe cannot happen here.

Headline 1. 8th Grader Suspended Over NRA T-Shirt Could Get Jail Time
Fox News reports that on June 13 Marcum appeared before a judge "and was officially charged with obstructing an officer." Moreover, the judge has allowed "the prosecution to move forward" with its case against Marcum.

Logan City Police officer James Adkins says that Marcum refused to quit talking when asked to remove the shirt. The officer said this hindered his ability to do his job.
In short, there are undoubtedly a number of civil right organizations who might come to Marcum's defense.

Headline 2. Rewriting the Past
I also got into trouble because when asked by a Moslem school pupil, ‘Why were Moslems not in the Roman Army?’ I replied ‘because Islam came into existence 500 years after the period’ I was talking about. My Archaeological Society received a letter stating I had made a racist comment. These events rook place some years ago but now it is all too commonplace. And people simply put up with it.
How are these related? Aside from freedom of speech, there is a sense of creeping outrageousness by those in authority. What used to be known as common sense and not making mountains out of molehills will be totally out the door once the autocrat believes that higher ups will simply let them get away with their going overboard.

See, there are more troubling implications to story number 1, especially in light of story number 2.  Story number 2 did not happen here YET, but it will once the police-state seeker's intended effects become reality.

What one needs to ask is how a police state gets established in the first place?
  • What police state architects would be seeking to achieve is wide-scale compliance to them violating one of your rights after another.  
  • It would be wise to see that they know that they are making an example of this kid even if they lose in court. 
  • What they want is that a whole slew of people will give up their rights next time rather than be forced into Marcum's position (which common sheeple will be indoctrinated to see as unnecessary and stupid). 
Why do the power seekers dare take the risk of doing it? Because the tactic proves time and again over history that it works. As the man who related story 2, Guy Leven-Torres, said "People simply put up with it."

If you have any success, please pass it along. Tell me HOW you succeeded if even only a little. I need to learn.

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  1. I Facebook a lot of political points.
    If my family members, a number of whom have awakened, won't read or watch conservative outlets, they'l see it on FB.
    Other than that, I scream in my head at leftists on a regular basis.


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