Thursday, May 24, 2012

Govt Motors Killed How Many Jobs

With the MSM Agency of Lies, it's all Bain, all the time. Bain cost how may jobs 20 years ago after Romney left the company? But they're not telling us how many jobs Government motors eliminated under Obama in the last 3½ years.

Were I running some mainstream journal and not beholden to the Establishment – talk about fantasies – I'd have my business reporters scouting the country in search of how many people lost their jobs when the Bummer took over GM.

How many factories were closed? How many jobs lost?
How many car dealerships got closed that had no "friends" in Chicago? How many jobs lost?
How many suppliers never got paid as Bummer gave all the money to the UAW? How many jobs lost?

I suspect that the bar chart on job loss looks like this:

But I don't own a mainstream journal, and don't have the money and staff to investigate.
When MSM finally does its duty, I will happily post an update.

But we know what the Agency of Lies is doing on this subject don't we? Bain, Bain, Bain, all the time.

So, in absence of a press corp that is not in the tank, you are free to assume this bar chart is not only correct, but understates how bad reality truly is that they dare not tell us. With so much evidence that convinces us that the press is totally in the tank, our cynicism is not unfounded.

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