Friday, May 04, 2012

Shadows of Our Former Greatness

Today's episode of "Scant Memory of Our Former Greatness" is:

Harvard Law School has a professor with Indian ancestry on its roster. 
But refuses to reveal who that is.

Right up front and honest. When did that last happen?

All of this is on behalf of Lizzie Warren. She is the lame Dem put-up job for Senate against Scott Brown. It's as if Scott Brown hasn't been carrying water for the Incrementalists (that revelation was chronicled here) and they aren't happy with the outcome. The Progs will be satisfied with him as they are now, and we all know it.

There are so many bouncing balls it's tough to keep on eye on any one, let alone the important ones, just as the shadows intended. Oh what a silly people we've become. Nearly all of the twelve out of thirteen will follow their assigned Judas Goat when told to do so.

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  1. You should explain that. I bet one in a thousand people know what a judas goat is.


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