Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It Makes No Sense Only If You Believe the Lies of Liars.

The prequel to today's May Day destruction was reported at JWF this morning. I chose the following reported comment on the destruction in San Francisco as revealing of how tolerant this nation has become in large part because so many are kept in ignorance to the real meaning of words [emphasis added -ed.]

“They’re coming through the Mission, where there aren’t any corporations, just a lot of small businesses, which is what they’re all about,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense.-- words of a political naif

It doesn't make sense only if you do not understand that Marxists hate the MIDDLE CLASS. Only they use the French term for middle class: "bourgeoisie."

  • Marxists (bums without real work) stage violence in the streets 
  • at the expense of real workers, 
  • to further the aims of the Ruling Class 
  • and the aims of their Wealthy Class backers (to reduce the wealth of the middle class so that they cannot afford to crowd the wealthy out of their favorite vacation spots.)
This is not rocket science. This "it doesn't make sense" are the words of a child.

There are simply too many "adults" (or use the old polite phrase: "people above the age of majority") who were never warned not to talk to "strangers."* Nor to heed their own wariness when noticing strange behavior. Nor seem to learn why even after being victimized time and time again.

When offered goodies from a man with a smiling face who strangely seems unconcerned while monsters are circling behind him, an adult knows to be looking for the exits while fingering his weapon.

*Strangers meant as limited to a sense of strangeness: that is, sensing odd behavior as strange and rather than dismissing the sense, taking precautions as your own senses warrant.

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  1. Given that they wasted their trashing on small business, I guess they got lost. There are FAR more productive locations to vent class warfare than the Mission. Why not attack the REAL .01%??? Don't know where they live? Allow me:

    • Pacific Avenue, between Fillmore and Lyon. That's where all the consulate generals hang.
    • Sea Cliff Avenue and Camino Del Mar between 25th and 32nd. Nice view too.
    • Yerba Buena Avenue and Miraloma Drive between Monterey and Portola. It's cool, forested, and there's a huge selection of windows and lots of room to get going with a bucket of paint on nicely textured surfaces.

    Of course, the Marxists wouldn't dare attack those locations for two reasons:

    First, it's the .01% who fund them in the first place.

    Second, the cops WILL defend those neighborhoods because it's where their fat salaries really come from.


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