Monday, May 21, 2012

Attack On the Big Bang Theory Was Inevitable — Updated

I read today how the Big Bang theory is under attack.
The Big Bang cosmological model is in trouble, but its adherents, reluctant to abandon the theory, are busily attempting to shore it up.“All Effect and No Cause”: Colliding Branes, Bouncing Universes, Promiscuous Singularities, and Fashionable Nothings — Five Versions of How It All Began.

I'm a much too simple man. I figured out long ago that this day was coming.  See, even before that, the young fool in me thought of the question, 'Well if you think the answer is simply that God created the universe, who created God?'

As I got older and a little bit wiser, the words recorded by a shepherd who claimed to have spoken with God had rattled around in my little head long enough.

It occurred to me that there was a simple way to align current axiomatic cosmological physics to Judeo-Christian theology, and it also answered the question of which that juvenile thought was only a quip.

The axiomatic portion was that it all started with a big bang. That would be the beginning of recorded time if records could have been kept.

But just like that juvenile quipster who asked who created God, these great minds are troubled that time could actually have a beginning, even though they'd never be satisfied with the answer. (Sounds like rent-seeking cosmologists if you ask me, but who would bother asking, and what do I really know of what sort of character would hide out in the sciences?)

Anyway, just for the record, here is how what Moses told us fits the Big Bang.

Moses recorded that God told him His name was I Am.
"I Am that I am." 
That is He Is, but in the first person singular.

Now this is at that time in history, right? And -- well I'm talking to the non-religious to anti-religious now -- it's all come out of the mind of a poor goat herder; right? Nothing really of significance could possibly be there, right?

YET? Yet that goat herder seems to have arrived at the same place so many brainy scientists have taken  (you should forgive the phrase) as gospel for the last 50 years or so. How's that? Here's how.

Recognize that the infinitive of  is is to be.
For those who insist on a single word to be a name, let's choose the French Etre.

  • Theologically we have God on one hand, where Etre has yet to complete and implement His plan. 
  • On the other hand we have, in cosmological physics, The Great Potential to be the Universe. 

  • Theologically, Etre would ponder a move from the infinite infinitive. 
  • Cosmologically, the Universe, it says nothing.

  • Etre's ponders are essentially splitting the infinitive into the interrogative:
  • To Be? 
  • OTOH: The Universe -- it says nothing.

  • Etre stops pondering, and converts the interrogative into the imperative:
  • Be!
  • The Universe -- it bangs biggly.
God: I Am.
Universe: It Is.

Let's face it folks. The big bang was in trouble with the secular anti-theists from the very beginning. But it was propounded in the day when Statism was hardly a word ever spoken or understood, let alone about to burst upon the scene openly.

Since the philosophical environment in which the Big Bang theory was introduced is no longer the case, well – the Big Bang just has to go. QED

Someone once avered: Liberty will be lost not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Thanks to a comment from the above link's author, Mike Gray, I have an ***Update*** after the break.

Pascal — As for the question of who created God, this fellow may (or may not) have a convincing answer:

You’ll have to decide. — Mike

The author of your link, Don Batten, goes much deeper than needed for anyone who isn’t avoiding seeing evidence of the divine. I tried to keep it simple for a reason.

How is it possible for an insignificant shepherd to have stumbled upon such a powerful answer without some help? I don't see it as likely that he could choose a name for God that is so tied to the infinitive for existence itself. Looking back it may seem easy. But think of all the progress since that time that grew from the notion of Him and the study of His physics? With a Creator there might be a pattern to learn from. How much harder is that task if an inquisitive mind lacks the CONCEPT that the universe has an architect?

With the “Progressives” so worried about sustainability, it has become their goal to abandon the concept of God. To them it is a paramount moral calling: ‘We have no concrete proof of God. Therefore we cannot be sure that God is there to provide (as written in Genesis 22:8) so that we don't have to sacrifice child-bearing. Hence we must limit human growth, and that requires eliminating the notion that human life is sacred and the moral code associated with it.’ Ergo any scientific theories that coincided in any way with the concept of a Creator needs to be eliminated.

The concept of God needs to be eliminated so that the myth of an infinite CYCLE (common in ancient pagan theologies) can replace it as the religion of a secular, all powerful, global state.

It’s a huge moral difference that underpins this battle. Those who value the traditional morals of the West better comprehend this paradigm shift or they will lose. Maybe even divine intervention won’t stop that loss, because once we abandon moral protections for innocent individuals (in favor of utilitarian morals) we won’t be worthy of His protection.


  1. There is a book called "Modern Times" by Paul Johnson.
    An excellent history of the last century.
    It starts out saying that Modern World began in 1919 on the island of Pelau where Einstein was proven correct.
    The way it worked was that they had a clear star map from that island. They then Photo'd the stars during a solar eclipse. This is how they proved that gravity bent light as much as Einstein predicted.
    The more important thing to take away from this is how "lucky" we were that the moon was exactly the right size to block the sun to analyze the surface of the sun (corona) and see the effect the sun's gravity had on starlight.
    The heavens declare His glory.
    Earth is not the center of the universe.
    If it was we'd be dead.
    But we have the best view of the universe you could hope for.

  2. Once you abandon God, it's all downhill from there. One only need to sit and look at the world and how it operates without Man's input to appreciate that God exists and it is His world, not ours, that gives us life. We are here to learn, not to dictate how clever we are. Those who cannot fathom the beauty of His creation are sorely lacking in spiritual content. Even Einstein believed in God, but such is the foolishness of young children who believe they know better than the older and through their learning experience, much wiser adults.


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