Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NRSC Poisoned Its Own Well

I just received another call from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. I was told the Chairman, Senator John Cornyn (of Texas) had asked him to call.

They were seeking my contribution for their fund drive.

I asked the caller "Is John Cornyn supporting Richard Lugar in his primary bid to be renominated as the GOP candidate for Senator from Indiana?"

That question is tops on my mind because of this story at RedState: The Ultimate Treachery
Politico’s Maggie Haberman is reporting that the leadership-affiliated Young Guns Network has sent out mailers asking Democrats to vote for Dick Lugar (not exactly a young gun) in the Indiana Republican primary against Richard Mourdock on May 8.  But that’s not all.  They are stirring up Democrats by referring to Mourdock as extreme.  In what way is he extreme?  He wants to eliminate the Department of Education!
Caller answers: "I don't know. We will use 95% of the money to help elect Republican candidates to office."

Well you better let the people there know that other operations like The Young Guns Network is poisoning your donation well: grassroots conservatives all around the country. Of course, given the sort of treachery we've been witnessing, that could be feature and not a bug.

So you get back to me when you can honestly answer "No, we will not use your money to help defeat your candidate Mourdock in Indiana."

For principled conservatives such as I, here is the rub:

The establishment National Republican Senatorial Committee is headed by a suspect SKUNC from Texas, John Cornyn. So why would you not think the organization he heads would want to stymie conservative efforts to rid the party of Progressive republicans? 
  1. Because they figure you are too stupid to catch on. 
  2. They just don't care that one of their own groups is poisoning their own well. 
  3. That is what they want since Democrats seem better at growing the government (the Progressive goal) than are us damn old line republicans.
  4. All the above.

Pass this story around. Especially in Indiana.

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