Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Faux-Ca-Hon-Tas [fantasy]

Were Scott Brown not a RINO I can easily imagine that he could benefit from TEA Party groups greeting his opponent, Lizzie Warren, outside every venue she attends with

in beat to their tom-toms.

But he'd probably say something to put down such swells of grassroots support. It's simply not something a stinking RINO SKUNC would welcome.

But we can laugh at the idea -- and at the players in this charade of a senatorial election. And that is somehow fitting given that this IS Ted Kennedy's seat.

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  1. I remember him telling the media soon after his senate win that he would drive to Washington in his pick up truck after Obama slammed him for driving a gas guzzler.

    Co-opted pretty quickly wasn't he!

  2. "Co-opted pretty quickly wasn't he!"

    I saw it as foreordained Neme.

    Although I am an optimist about life, in my role as pascalierian pundit I have to keep a cynical perspective about all politicians.

    In this instance I created an keyword (label) called PSB -- i.e. Post Scott Brown's election. The first one was on Jan 20, 2010. The last was 11 months later when Brown voted to eliminate Don't Ask Don't Tell.

    My purpose was clear within a few days. To help cushion all those conservatives who had hope that Scott Brown's election signaled a resurgence of conservative power. I wanted to prevent too many from becoming disillusioned when it turned out Senator Brown was gonna be a typical SKUNC.

    For the most part I tend not to approve of cynicism. But in order to preserve a free republic, there has to be journalists who ask cynical questions of public servants. A good journalist and a good editorial writer has to daily say "yeah, yeah, I hear what you're saying, but what are you really doing?" It's also the attitude of a decent prosecutor. I don't know about being a cop. I think it's gotta be hard to keep your cynicism in check. In my experience, all the LAPD now looks at the whole of public as the other, and as a result, it proved hard for people like me to protect them from the politicians who were seeking to corrupt the force and make it into the PC disaster it is today.

  3. I tend to be optimistic in my outlook, but lately I am becoming jaded with how things are really turning out. I fell for Brown's nice words too. I hoped that what he represented was a political turning point and became very disillusioned when he voted several times to support the Agenda. An Agenda that is now so very obvious to those of us who have bothered to investigate what really goes on behind the scenes.

    I used to work for one of the largest police forces outside of the NYPD, the New South Wales Police Force (17,000 members) I could tell you a few stories of how PC and Multiculti crap have ruined what was once THE premier law enforcement agency in Australia and turned it into an ineffective and diverse organization that is more concerned with keeping complaints of any kind to a minimum, which of course overides any real efforts at keeping the criminal in check.

    I handed back my police union membership after I found out that the police union were actively seeking the nullification of the criminal's right to remain silent. Don't get me wrong, I hate criminals, but taking away the individuals right to zip it and allowing the cops to charge on a contempt of court, was the final straw for me.

    1. As bad as denying a suspect the right to remain silent, I want people to comprehend how dehumanized the West has become since it began partnering with China. It's a credit to you that you wanted no part of it, but there is a downside for society when those with conscience leave the service to those who lack it. The alternative would have been to fight it from within, but you would have had to have had more skills than you thought you had, and so you didn't. I regret my own crossroads now that I realize in retrospect I had been at a number of them and took the easier road.

      But enough about us.

      Do you want a glimpse into how rotten those who have gamed the system we were once a part of really are?I hope much of the comment stream created by Joan of Argghh's "I’m Not An Organ Donor. I Hope That Offends The Left" is illuminating. It may inspire me to compose a new post.

  4. Thanks for that link. Yes, I am quite familiar with a few horror stories such as those referred to in that link. Once that line has been crossed where does it all end?


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