Thursday, May 03, 2012

High Likelihood the USA Is Doomed

Why might the likelihood be high?

  1. We direly need a leader with a lot of common sense.
  2. Yet anyone with that much common sense knows to keep their yap shut if he wants to keep breathing.
Joseph Heller's catch didn't come close to describing half the dilemma facing our hero, did it?

So it comes down to someone who knows God in on his side and thus forges ahead despite the torpedoes and flack.

Hence, you've ruled yourself out.

After facing up to that, you have no right to be complaining that heroes and heroines are in short supply.

So, short of divine intervention, we're doomed? Without the humility found in earlier Americans, I don't see God's hand saving us unless at least 10 good men find each other before the Statists hunt down all candidates.

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  1. On a few blogs, I've commented that even if Romney were Obama lite, he'd buy us time for a Deus ex Machina.


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