Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fugitive Slave Act — Updated

Senator Chuck Schumer doesn't like that anyone should escape the Taxman. So he's proposed a fugitive tax-slave act. [Update: As if that were not enough, we have GOP-E Speaker Boehner saying to ABC on Sunday "it is 'absolutely outrageous' for anyone to renounce their citizenship in order to avoid taxes." He said that rather than condemn the wanton abuse of taxpayers by unconscionable government spending. Someone needs to 'splain to that clown that it's 'hard to convince us of your moral outrage when you don't use it to fight against the growth of government' (like giving Bummer the keys to the debt ceiling on August 1, 2011). Outrageous facade of outrage is he.]

The signs are flashing in neon my friends. Schumer and his ilk see us all as their serfs. Leaving these bastards in control means a shabby, drab end for your posterity. By not allying with other real Americans, you're allowing America-haters to cement their foothold.

It is possible that this news fits my dream last night. After an exciting prequel of which I have forgotten, I wound up in a secreted position to see how our masters were planning the world. Maybe it's nothing, and really doesn't fit this story at all, but if you want to know, it is after the break.

We passed by an institution whose steps were filled with children, maybe 4-5, all dressed in red jumpsuits. They appeared all to be girls, and nearly identical: thin, with black hair. They were cheerfully performing a routine of calisthenics and singing slogans.

The parade moved to the right, and the very next scene was of a warehouse filled with standing old people. The term stacked like sardines is appropriate. The front row was filled with men and woman who had the same stone-cold faces, hands crossed and hanging down in front of them, and sad wrinkled eyes cast down to their left, away from the advance of the parade. The men were so similar they could have been clones. The women were a bit smaller, and could have been their sisters, also cloned. Their faces were as gray as their long coats.

Just before I woke up I noticed a few of the faces had another face behind it. Where the right ear should be was a younger, more alert and resigned face with dark eyes passively viewing the passing parade. It was almost as if there was another person there hiding behind the older face. But as I tried to discern what I was seeing precisely, the head moved and both faces moved in unison, clearly attached to the same skull.

That so creeped me out that there was no way I could stay asleep. I rarely retain any details from my nightmares, but this one was an exception. I'd love to hear what you think it means.

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