Monday, May 14, 2012

Repair Damage Wraught By Critical Theory

I was struck the other day by how much I have been affected by the long term efforts of Marxist "Critical Theory" continuing to be deployed in the West. I don't know what to do about it except by reminding myself how grateful I should be to be alive. Before I get to the uncertainty portion of this screed, let me repost the comment string that forced me to face up to how badly I have been affected by the Left's and Statists' determined efforts to get Americans to question EVERYTHING, even what was and is good.

Blast From The Past at the Belmont Club had responded to criticisms of American efforts in the world wars. You can read it (beginning with the 2nd paragraph) to gain some understanding about what I'm about to write, but it was my own initial reaction that concerned me (as you will see). And it ought to concern all Americans, because if it can happen to me, it can happen to many many more, and in fact does.
I find myself pleased with everything you wrote here. However, I also find that I am now at that point where I’m questioning even what I find agreeable because it comforts me. Does that mean that the Critical Theorists have won?

If so, the West is not only doomed, but deservedly so. We neglect the sacrifices of those who won our freedom when we question everything, regretting our earlier mistakes rather than realizing we overcame them, hopefully learning from them, and being grateful for the outcome. But instead of recognizing where we don’t want to go again, it seems are condemned to repeat history because the power-mad are the ones who implemented Critical Theory and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

I wish I had the skills to develop in depth the arguments needed to support the last paragraph. I surely hope it was clear enough for it to inspire someone else to the task.

I really do hope someone who understands the incremental poisoning by Critical Theory and its long-term intertwining affects on us. Describing how it has undermined our society's confidence and especially our sense of being touched by God. And maybe offering some hope for reversing the damage.

No matter who writes up the history thoroughly and well, the question will remain as to how to go about reversing the damage the Marxist counter-culture achieved, especially knowing that it all started while the Soviet Union was still in existence, albeit with the clandestine help of our own craven Progs.

Were it only due to the moles in the employ of the USSR, then we ought to be able to stop from being stung by a dead bee. Of course China is still officially Red, and she is quite entwined in our economy now. Yet that's another issue. What matters is how we in our society choose to act. We've permitted the inmates to run what looks more and more like a nuthouse.Our institutions are totally infiltrated with people who more or less still believe in Anti-Americanism.  And even that has remedies, though hard and takes courage.

So what that we have the most Marxist man in the White House today, and the party leaders of the alleged opposition  refuse to say it. Not only that, you'll also get disparaged and cut off by most talkshow hosts for saying too.

If our "leaders" refuse to lead the opposition, then it means we need new leaders and a new opposition. The TEA party was the effort to do that, but its idea was initiated by a TV talker on CNBC. That is establishmentarian influenced, so what's up with that?

No, no. We cannot blame any leaders if we find ourselves still stuck with Bummer of Bumney. "They gave me no choice" is such a juvenile whine that it's embarrassing to have to point out to what-should-be-adults how we are easily our own worst enemy.

The uncertainty that I sensed in my reaction to Blast From the Past is something I do not know is affecting others, but I fear that it surely is. What I do know is that letting the dream of America be lost is really a sin.
  • We are members of a continuum that makes the history of mankind, and we have been living in the freest time in history. 
  • When we become concerned only for ourselves, thus not knowing the true meaning of self-sacrifice, and not for those who come after us, we have abandoned our duty, a duty that was mostly obeyed by they who, in their sacrifices, gave us the chance to advance some more. And I am NOT talking about the simplistic sacrifices demanded by the Left that were so contemptuously and rightly derided by the Narcissistic Ayn Rand.
I once told my kids that I hoped to leave the world a little bit better than when I came into it. And that my greatest hope for them was that they would come to see the wisdom in seeking to do the same thing.

If there is a God who governs that continuum with something a bit more than natural law, I pray He will allow me the clarity to see where to find what more that I need, including the company of people who want little more than that also.


  1. When the basis for one's existence is no longer in evidence, then the human mind must question everything. Having no religious or belief system equals a lack of belonging to the world as viewed through the eyes of an empty mind. That mind must be filled with ideas and thoughts that give meaning to what life is all about while consciously -and without abandoning the moral obligations that must be imposed on all of us if we are to survive as cultures and societies - presenting the inescapable fact that we are all here to learn and then to move on to better things. Those who deny our spirituallity are the biggest losers who will pay for their stupidity at some point in their existence. These are the people who uphold their humanistic ideals above that of our higher goals and deride us for not wishing to join their corrupt cavalcade in order to present their kind of thinking as 'logical' and 'normal' when even blind Freddy could tell them how wrong they are.

    1. "These are the people... who deride us." Yep. Their bigotry is revealed in their support for democracy (so they can mislead us into joining them as you say) until the demos don't agree with them.

      The very sad thing Neme is they're cruising to a very hard lesson in humility, and they're gonna hurt a whole lot of people in the process. (But, as you can see by the alarm I constantly sound about the Sus worshipers, I have shown how logically that that must be a feature and not a bug to these madmen.)


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