Friday, May 18, 2012

America Has Few Friends In the Prez Race

Mark Levin's broadcast last night (May 17) was a pretty good indication of what a terrible choice we have in voting for president this year. I will post a partial synopsis of the 3 hours (less commercials) below along with a link to the podcast. But first...

As Levin says:
'We simply must vote out Obama. Then we will have Romney [who I fear will finally make G H W Bush look like Ronald Reagan – ed.]. Let's work hard to fill the senate with TEA Party candidates – real Americans – so that the GOP-E's president is constrained.'
Romney displays all the signs of an unindicted unofficially recognized Progressive co-conspirator. It becomes the duty of American voters to eject the outright Marxist and accept the Marxist enabler while replacing the anti-American SKUNCs currently in Congress, particularly the senate.

Here is the link to ML's page where you can listen for free with some controls. After the site's player starts, it gives you the opportunity to download the mp3. I recommend you do that so you may listen to it on your computer or mp3 player  with better controls (after some months it goes to archives and becomes less accessible).

My partial synopsis follows below the break. I will expand it as time permits. If any commenters wish to help me expand it, that would be great. As a convention, I'm using single 'quotes' where I do not want to copy Levin's or a callers' full quote but wish to encapsulate what I inferred from what was said.

Note that during the course of the 3 hour show, Mr. Levin expands on his own earlier commentary, so all of what he has to say is not necessarily found in the earlier points. I may cross-ref these later, but that's a lot of work.

What is important to know is that ML is not sugar coating the Hobson's Choice we have facing us. Not voting is out of the question. Convincing others to vote so we buy time to save America IS PARAMOUNT. 

Synopsis after the break.

  • 1:39- 3:36  George Zimmerman case: Prosecutorial misconduct explained.
  • 4:00-9:15   ML reads from Allen West's letter, publicly scolds Obama for unnecessarily releasing terrorist who brutally tortured and murdered 5 American POWs.
  • 9:15 – 13:00    Romney’s disgusting spinelessness. Attacking conservatives , but goes soft on Obama because the Dems threatened to call him a racist. [Pascal has described this sort of SKUNC behavior many times before.]
  • 13:00 – 17: 50 About what is on and off the table according to the Dems and the Media (despite that redundancy). The reality is the GOP has no chance if they follow their opposition’s rules making. Levin facetiously makes the case that the GOP have to fight the Left at least a hard as they fought the conservatives. ‘We expect you save this country. Expect you to fight harder than you fought conservatives in the primary process. And not be a wimp when Obama throws the race card at you.’
  • 18:15 – 19:00 ‘The Democratic Party is the only party that wants to campaign on race baiting, gender, class warfare, and attacking religion.’ 
  • ‘we on the other hand are not allowed to defend ourselves, and not only that, we can only run on the issues that Obama says we can run on.’
  • 19:00 – 23+  The gentleman who has the super pack. The joke is on us. Obama does what he wants, but we’re constrained. Marquis of Queensbury rules for one side only. ‘So many overpaid GOP hacks – and they’re such cowards.’
  • ~24:30 ‘Here we have the repubics on defense on something that [the rev Wright documentary consideration] didn’t even happen.’
  • ~25+ About Obama dropping the ball on the Lebanese responsible for brutal slaughter of 5 American POWs who is about to be freed by the Iraqi govt. “And it’s not the lead story ANYWHERE." Despicable media.
  • ~26+ ML comments on caption he sees on Fox TV: "Romney repudiates Reverend Wright ad" – ‘there was NO ad, idiot.’

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