Friday, June 01, 2012

The Look of Fear

Photo appeared this morning at Big Government under the headline Warren: My Mother Was So Cherokee She Had to Elope.

We've seen this look before. Think of when Margaret Hamilton's character realized she was about to be "baptized" in her most famous climax.


  1. I have to admit I find no schadenfreude here.

    This woman is surely a true-believer in her Leftism (something Mark Levin took apart months ago). She no doubt felt her "little white lies" have long been justified. Casuistry leads to sophistry which long ago became associated with the tactical "by any means necessary." White lies in this instance that led to "justifiable because they're for a good cause" all out lies. And now she understands: 'Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.'

    That her lies helped her get ahead (even as she denies any affirmative action played a role in her, what she believes, has been her success) she felt justified.

    Reflected in her eyes is her contemplating her whole life collapsing.

    I must admit to my weakness. I feel pity for her.

  2. Pity? Nope none here. If she was an animal, such as a dog or cat...and had put herself in such a position as to require aid from her master or mistress ... or perhaps a passing good Samaritan ... well, that would be worthy of pity. She is (supposedly) a sentient being, and as such, at least in this case, is worthy only of our scorn, contempt , and perhaps the money needed to get out of town before the tar and feathers are applied.

    No one held a gun to her head, to either seek a public office which would lend even more embarrassment to her when this all blew up. No one twisted her arm when she started (and I imagine continued) telling her tall tales.

    Let me put it to you this way. If you met a man who espoused that he was a decorated vet. Perhaps even a Navy SEAL or a Ranger. Once it was made public that this individual never saw the inside of a military barracks in his life, let alone was qualified and went into the formal training to become an elite warrior.... would you feel any pity for him?

    Then again, maybe it is just me.... heartless bastage that I am. I won't go out of my way to do her any damage...but I won't be shedding any tears for her either.

    1. Pity on a human level, not pity on a principled one.
      After all, I did list this under the keyword: fools. I've been a fool, and am always in danger of finding myself there again. Simply seeing the fear in those eyes evoked my pity. So I'm weak that way I guess. Shoot me.

      I have nothing but contempt for the entire affirmative action program because it solves nothing while creating new problems, none of which is good for real human progress. Those who pretend it does solve past injustices (by inflicting new ones) are not only full of themselves, IMHO, they hate those who possess true merit, likely out of envy for possessing nothing of value themselves.

      The whole scheme of a getting ahead by having connections is as old a humanity. Affirmative action was touted (though only half thought out) as being a partial remedy. It was particularly accepted precisely by those who felt guilty for being in whatever seat of privilege they enjoyed. Meritocracy is always the best route, but when push comes to shove, those in positions to hire will honor it more in principle than in fact due to various political pressures. A father for a son in a company for instance over his best hired hand. Who expects anything else or has a right to do so? It's the owner's company. It becomes more problematic in publicly held companies. Nowadays, MBAs from favored universities, most of them Left leaning, are in power at the biggest corporations. Someone like this pathetic creature is sneered at by those who have allowed her to get away with her forgeries. Remember Ward Churchill? He also had claimed various degrees of Cherokee and Creek bloodlines prior to his being fired from Colorado U. I find it amazing that I may be the first to mention him regarding this episode. I don't understand that.

  3. I feel pity for myself. I had to look at that grimace.

    1. Sorry Ed. That was not my intention. This whole mess seems to be a circus to begin with. She wouldn't have a chance for the nomination as recently as 2000.

      Lizzie is an avowed Marxist, as Levin demonstrated back in September better than anyone had up to then or since. And using her own words no less.

      What I find troubling is that the race for particular seat has the appearance of a distraction even without the Fauxcahontas drama. As chronicled on this blog, Scott Brown is no beacon of the Right to begin with, only the best we can expect from contemporary Massachusetts.

      I pity us more than her in the long run. We (the county) are so played by distractions of this sort. She has no business running for any office given the lies she had buried in her past. What's with the Dem party in Mass? First Martha Coakley, and now this fraud. The power brokers are happy with Scott Brown. He is a fine SKUNC, and young. Typical New England Republican as we have come to expect.

  4. I can offer no pity for this poseur, this imposter to Native Indian ancestry. We have our own native imposters who regularly milk affirmative action for their own benefit just as this woman has done. I have no regard for people like her who only see their own hides as worth protecting and promoting, and have no regard for their fellow man other than to take from them and give nothing in return. A pox on all of them!


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