Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newt, Again, Has the Best Lines -- But

"I say it here, it comes out there."  -- TV news-writer Aaron Altman, played by Albert Brooks in the 1987 Comedy "Broadcast News."

Aaron's problem in the movie was that although he knew and understood world events better than any star news reader for whom he provided the intelligence they lacked (William Hurt and Jack Nicholson), he was incapable of speaking in front of a camera without perspiration quite literally pouring from his pores.

I recommend choosing full screen to appreciate the humor. (The embed does not appear in some feeds. Click here if Blooger botches or YouTube restricts the embed at some later date.)

In many ways, Newt Gingrich  reminds me of the fictional Aaron Altman.

Newt's responses last night could not have been much better had he written the questions for Wolf Blitzer.

For instance, as a follow up question from a TEA party questioner to Mr. Huntsman, Mr. Blitzer asked Mr. Gingrich that juicy question about oil company loopholes and fairness. Instantly, Newt first noted the absence of Obama crony GE from the Mr. Blitzer's question, and then went on:
"I was astonished the other night to have the President there in the joint session with the head of GE sitting up there and hear the President talking about taking care of loopholes.  And I thought to myself: doesn't he realize that every green tax credit is a loophole? That everything he wants, everything General Electric is doing is a loophole?"
Both responses drew wide approval from the TEA party audience.

Virtually nobody on the GOP side seems to handle issues as glibly and thoroughly as Mr. Gingrich. What troubles me most is how easily he gets along with the opposition, something I am sure most every person affected by the TEA Party sentiment also senses.

Recall Mr. Gingrich infamously sitting comfortably alongside the notorious Mrs. Pelosi to give a non-partisan look to an Anthropomorphic Global Warming Fraud propaganda commercial. Yet here he was slamming loopholes that that commercial helped get passed.

Here, unlike the amiable but too easily embarrassed writer Aaron Altman, Mr. Gingrich shows no signs of sweat as he makes it sound as if green loopholes were put in place by the Buma with no help from him.

And there are many more twisted connections between Mr. Gingrich and the Left. Please recall how Mr. Gingrich was bogusly driven from Congress in 1998 in what appeared to be payback from old friends of former Dem Speaker Jim Wright whom Mr. Gingrich had similarly driven out. What was astonishing was that the suddenly unemployed Mr. Gingrich immediately was invited into a business partnership with a financial crony of the Clinton's, Ira Magaziner (Hillary-Care's committee chair IIRC). WTF?

This is where Mr. Gingrich demonstrates his physical similarity to Aaron Altman. Mr. Gingrich oozes elitist political connections from every pore. And that, my friends, just won't pass scrutiny with TEA Party members.

I have my doubts that anybody with a wider readership will pick up on this bit I presented here today, but I did it anyway. If the rest of the dextrosphere wants to continue and ignore the smell coming from these "debates" it won't be because I did not try.

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