Saturday, September 10, 2011

Contrast -- more

Encouraged by a couple of readers of yesterday's Contrast, I will now try to expose how long this lying has been going on.

It's pathetically funny. Bill Clinton got boundless credit from the mainstream media agency of lies for the boom of the nineties. But it was the people electing to switch control of both houses of Congress to the GOP for the first time in over 4o years that did it. When he made that famous statement -- "the era of big government is over" -- after more than a year of fighting with the new Congress, it was him doing his chameleon act in preparation for running for reelection that same year.

When Clinton made that statement on the night of Tuesday January 23, 1996, few people heeded him walking it back (making a lie of his Tuesday statement) on his Saturday radio address only four days later. Here's some telling excerpts from the complete transcript as provided by CNN after which I fisk each of them.
"...The era of big government is over, but we can't go back to a time when our citizens were just left to fend for themselves...." [yup -- his kind cannot leave us unmolested lest we thrive!]

"... we must balance the budget. In the 12 years before I took office the deficit skyrocketed and our national debt quadrupled...." [There's Buma's precedent for blaming the consequences of his making matters worse on his predecessors.]

"...From time to time, to keep [America's debt promises], Congress has had to pass debt ceiling legislation so the government can meet its obligations. Congress has always done this when necessary. But this Congress, especially some in the House of Representatives, are trying to use the debt ceiling as a way to get its way in the budget negotiations." [And the overspending Statists kept right on spending because of backstabbers in the GOP insisting we must succumb to this blackmail INSTEAD of reducing expenditures!]

"...What could happen if the United States government failed to meet its obligations? Our unbroken record of keeping our word could end, with taxpayers bearing the cost for years to come, because interest rates would go up on United States obligations." [what a grim lie -- as if the now monumental added debt won't be paid by taxpayers?]

"And interest rates could also go up for businesses, consumers, and homeowners, many of whom have interest rates that vary according to the government's interest rates. [And now we know that the Statists enslave more taxpayers by giving out more loans to ever more credit bums thru Fannie and Freddie and strong-arming smaller banks.]

"And for tens of millions of Americans, the unthinkable could happen. The Social Security checks they count on would not be able to be mailed out." [That bastard wouldn't stop with this unnecessary threat -- and so today the Dems and the Pubbie SKUNCs still play this same lying tune.]
The Statist policies got much worse since then, first slowly under W, and then rapidly under the Bum. So now we are facing consequences so dire nobody dares say it loudly.

Look folks. Whatever the future that our ruthless Statists have led us to is ever darker now. Those racketeers are fully ready to have us blame it all on this utterly lame Obama puppet.

I want you to recall that cynical W billboard "Miss me yet?" That's their game. They are preparing to give us a weaker Statist like Romney so that we will breath a sigh of relief. But it will only get worse unless a strict and monetarily sound set of policies are sought after by some as yet unknown but trustworthy leader unaffiliated with the current creeps. There must be one or we are done. I don't know how to wake up my neighbors yet, so I can't tell you how to awaken yours. I only know, for the sake of our kids and grandkids (and the rest of the world for that matter) we have got to find a way to effectively fight this utterly ruthless destruction of America from the inside.

It comes down to knowing that we American citizens have been sold out by our political system. They simply hate us because we won't let them have (sometimes because it's not even possible) what they want. Watcha gonna do?

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