Monday, September 12, 2011

Recognizing How Primitive Is the Statist Menace

I was going to title this Coming to Grips with..., but recognition is needed first.

Mark Alger is a fine writer and thinker. One reason that I visit him so regularly is that he is concise in his observations and conclusions. For me, that's very important, because I fall asleep too easily nowadays, and he tends to keep things short.

This evening was no different. In his complaint about how Obama spoke of sacrifice -- as if his taxes on us were freely given rather than imposed upon us -- Mark offered A Clue for the Regime:
Sacrifice, if it's not voluntary, is a taking -- theft. A true sacrifice is a gift, freely given. Your use of the word "sacrifice" in the context of increasing the barely-legal theft of money from the already-cash-strapped American people is despicable.
Well, you regular readers know me. What with my primary concern being encouraging all who will listen to pass along the need to fight the growing threat from neo-Malthusian nuts and thugs, you might very well think that the word sacrifice used in this manner would catch my attention, wouldn't you?

So here is the comment Mark inspired in me today.

Hold on there just a sec there buddy. I get your point fine enough, but you aren't properly deploying your historical telescope and focusing back far enough.

Way, way back, sacrifice was a state imposed function. Things were mandated to be thrown into Moloch's holocaust. Little things. Like first born males.

Face it Alger: The Buma is a throw-back, as is everything proregressive. The real problem is that we are not simply fighting the Buma, we are fighting the forces who arranged for him to be on his throne.
That, my friends, is how primitive is the Statist menace. It is a menace that sees its major goals are very nearly attained. Ridding us of Obama will not put an end to our woes. The forces who foisted him upon us have many others willing to do their bidding. Kind of like how willing is the media lapdogs to lie for them, but with the promise of more prestige. We will need more than a great deal of luck, something along the lines of divine help and guidance, to reverse their rotten gains.

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