Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reader Help Request -- Draconian Theme Nat'l Press Club

I think I am reaching back in my memory to some time in the GHWBush's time as President. What I recall most of all was that one speaker after another, all of them members and guests of the National Press Club, was declaring how America needed a Draconian leader to set things aright in the world.

O.K. members of the press, you have helped raise to the highest office in the land a community agitator who now has exposed how despicably Draconian you wanted him to be. I'm sure you want more of it since what we primarily hear from the Left (and you know who you are) is how disappointed you are in Obama. Why? Because you believe he's gone too soft!

I have not been able to find a transcript of that National Press Club broadcast. I think such broadcasts was a fairly regular feature that NPR aired on weekends back then, and that this was one I happened to hear. God knows what revelations might be plumbed from such an archive of transcripts or tapes.

I would love to know what illustrious newsmen were as making the statements like in response to some schoolmarm who had given her class an assignment to write a short essay using the new word she had taught them.

The dextrosphere might be able to make an issue of how in lockstep those bastards were even back then, and so how could we really be surprised that they helped elect this oaf?

Yeah, might is the iffy word I know. But it still would be interesting to rehear that broadcast.

What I am passing along to you is this: I clearly remember that such a broadcast was made. So anyone who has the skills and thinks it might be fun to find out the names of those schoolboys, or maybe find out who set the agenda to speak on "America Needs a Draconian Leader," I promise you it did happen.

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