Friday, September 09, 2011


State of the Union Address, Jan 23, 1996.

"The era of big government is over." -- Bill Clinton

And the DJIA gained 3.9% over the next 6 days (and much more thereafter).

Obama commanded a Joint-session of Congress yesterday, September 8, 2011. His "Pass my bill right away" demands sent the DJIA plummeting 2.7% today, in just one day. Shudder.

Hey, Big government is back. So "just eat your peas" and like it was his message?

Part two is found here: Contrast -- more. (Actually less. As you'll see, their lies blend together.)


  1. We have to pass it to find out what's in it.

  2. Yeah, but Clinton spent money on a whole buncha tax collectors posing as cops. They're so overstaffed here in Charleston that they don't even have to address the appalling murder rates while they busily tag folks for doing 32 on a 25mph residential street. Feh.

  3. LOL. It's obvious you didn't read part 2 Joan. It's Og who playfully suggested that Clinton was better. Hillary would have done just as badly as the current bum. She's still awaiting her turn, and the dolts who think "anybody but Obama" might just get her or Romney (TSOTSC).

  4. Oh, I know. I just never miss a chance to whine about Clinton's Army.


  5. Oh, Ok -- I can empathize with that inclination.

    This post was about how good a liar was Bill that the stock market went happily along for the next few years even as he belied his "big govt is over" comment in under a week. In part 2 I point how much Clinton laid the groundwork for The Bum's lies today. Just about identical sophistry.

  6. BTW Ed -- few if anybody, least of all The Bum, knows what's in it.

    In a way the threat of its passage reminds me of a line from Man of La Mancha. "It doesn't matter if the stone hits the pitcher or if the pitcher hits the stone: it's going to be bad for the pitcher."

    Do we really need to know what the Statists have lined up in that bill to know that it's going to be bad for individuals?


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