Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Remember the motto of the "Progressives" power-mad Statists:
The only thing truly progressive is the next trick that gains us another notch of power. -- Saul Alinsky

Remember: Be it from stated aims or historical results, Malthusians and Marxists are nothing short of misanthropic death cultists in "social" moralist disguise.

Remember: Advancing both movements is the progress of which "Progressives" wannabe tyrants speak.

Remember: Post-modern is "Progressive" repressive-speak for the future. Why would the future need a new word? It signals their pre-modern intentions for YOUR posterity.

"Progressives" in power will morph to Repressives. In fact they are revealing their repressive streak even as I write this by trying to ram their "health" plan down your throats. They will point to your graves and sneeringly laugh at your remainder in chains and say "Blame them! We gave them fair warning."

Remember. Posterity will.


  1. So if I understand it correctly, the Malthusians (and those who trace their roots back to same) of today would willingly embrace elitism in our government, and most of (what we consider to be the more heinous parts) the health care legislation (birth control, abortion, euthanasia). Those who fall under the Marxist side of the house, would as well, if only because it allows for laying the ground work of complete (governmental) control over "the masses".

    It strikes me that we are on the fringes of a political "perfect storm", the likes of which we have never seen in this country. A storm which does not bode well for those who cherish those natural freedoms which are mankind's birthright.

  2. There are 3 parts to your reply Guy. You understood me pretty well in part 1. And I share your vision in part 3.

    1. You have the essence of my view of those who embrace Malthus. They do it cuz it gives them a moral looking fig leaf. They view down on people as a herd in need of culling. They see us as too stupid not to overpopulate the earth were we left at liberty to decide such things for ourselves. They must be cruel cullers to be kind. There was a Star Trek Original series that dealt with such dire decisions unnecessarily carried out.

    Part 2. There are two types of Marxist: Those seeking power it would give them and those who believe the nonsense. It is the seeking "social justice" aka equality of outcome portion of Marxism that attracts them both in the Health Bill. The power hungerers get their fig leaf, and the true believers eliminate think they get their inequality in health care.

    Those who have money will not be legally able to purchase a doctor's services. Of course, there is always a political connection who get it for you instead. $$$. But at least it will have the appearance of equal treatment. Anyway, "social justice" in health services access is the part that allows the elitist to decide instead of the individual. And Marxism has a consistent history of body counts anyway, so for both reasons, the Malthusian fig-leafed elitists seek to aid and abet the Marxists.

    3. The perfect storm may be a general strike by a broader section of Americans as they come to realize how undemocratic all this is becoming. The danger I think is that we have been long living a period in statist growth, and we are now witnessing its full blown breakout. Maybe seek out Mark Alger for more on this.

    IMO, it is not truly statist unless they organize their own opposition -- as my Sarah P blog entry suggests.

    IMTO, look for a new leader to surface who will promise to get our republic back on track. A dictator claiming to be a Cincinnatus; but this is not early republic, and the need is not external pressure, but internal, so it is my fear he will be a Sulla (or even a Caesar) in disguise. Bush and Obama, although not military men, have joint domestic policies much like Marius who Sulla bloodily overthrew. I recommend wiki for most of those names for any reader who is not familiar. Power seekers tend to repeat (as much as they can) patterns that have proven to work. They are, for the most part, not original. That is to the common man's advantage as long as he is willing to learn what those patterns are.

    This is already too long for a comment. Thanks for the feedback. You had me mostly right. I hope this helped.

  3. Correction:
    ...and the true believers think they get their wish of eliminating inequality in health care.


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