Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Elimination of Man

When C. S. Lewis wrote The Abolition of Man, it was the 1940s. The Allies were fighting the Axis, and nobody in England, Lewis' home, knew how much time they had left. And still he had to write this book ever so carefully, because he was teaching at a university infested with Fabians.

For while Hitler exterminated decent folks who weren't of his master race, the Fabians endorsed a less violent and less nationalistic stance, but similar result. That is because many in the privileged classes subtly endorsed the same bleak agenda for the lesser members of their societies whom they feared or loathed. Indeed, many of them admired Stalin who had applied just such an agenda to the Kulaks about ten years before Hitler started on Jews and others deemed unworthy of breath.

And all these illustrious thinkers found solace in the "morality" of Malthusian "science."

Anyway, the destruction of Britain's best cultural values that led to that nation's current malaise, was what Lewis attempted to warn his countrymen, apparently falling on deaf ears. It should be increasingly clear that American culture was attacked by the same kind of thinkers and for the same reasons.

Many acquaintances who've thought I was overly pessimistic (among the more polite criticisms) with my earlier warnings of radical human depopulation programs are paying a bit more attention. Long ago I decided I was willing to chance displeasure and marginalization because I saw what was happening in Europe and knew our American intelligentsia favored all such things European. Whereas C. S. Lewis' warning failed to move men to resist proved that subtle rhetoric simply will not save mankind from those who will play God if they are not openly resisted.

There are many pieces to the puzzle that are coming together at this time.
  • The destruction of American business and finances suggests that the "termites" are leaving before the institutions they looted collapse entirely.
  • That a candidate for the supreme court who can't see a right to self defense (though that would once have been too much all alone) is confirmed despite a cloud of other issues that would have prevented earlier presidents from even thinking of their nomination.
  • That laws which are supposed to apply to all equally are increasingly applied only to those without the right connections or favor.
  • That the watchdogs many Americans once counted on not only have gone silent, but are apt to turn on and snap at their masters. (Remember when Bush and McCain labeled "racist" all those who wanted the borders closed?)
  • And now we have a health care plan whose chief proponent Zeke Emanuel said he favored rationing based on "usefulness," and chief science adviser John Holdren favors eugenics, while the AARP denies that there is anything to worry about; implying that these men have nothing to answer for? Or that an American President would allow people with such views even to deliver donuts to the White House, let alone be major staff members?
Above all, it's the silence by what we have considered mainstream politicians and institutions. They have been guilty of letting slide these policy-maker's views. Not merely odd views, but views that constitute major breaks with what has been traditional American concerns for the sanctity of human life. That should raise alarms with every American who respects innocent human life.

Hence I went one step further than Lewis in titling this essay. Those who seem determined to force this new "health care" plan on all Americans will succeed if Americans let our rulers politicians continue to hide what they really aim to do to your life.


  1. ANSBACH, Germany (AP) -- A German teenager who wounded nine students and a teacher in a terrifying ax and arson attack on his school was motivated by ''hatred for humanity'' and had been planning the rampage since April, officials said Monday.


    Pasc, maybe its something in their water?

  2. Maybe it's water itself Rep?

    Or could it be more likely that utter contempt for human life is induced in other ways?

    Could it be probable that we are witnessing a natural consequence of media promulgated ideas? Ideas such as "world overpopulation is a bad thing." In a world that is overpopulated, how could killing any person be a bad thing?

    For such an idea to gain a foothold, traditionally moral ideas such as "live and let live" must be warped or eradicated.

    That is known as moral relativism.

    Words spoken both by celebrities and those recognized as good leaders by the dominant media (or is that redundant?) are all of the same voice: "Humanity is a plague on the planet." Some, like this youngster, will hear voices telling him what he did is good - and they are not imaginary voices.

    Where are the counterbalancing voices Rep?

    Is that why you came here, Rep, to needle me at how alone I am in this world?

    You're too late; Annie beat you to it.

  3. "Where are the counterbalancing voices Rep?"

    The zealots. And there are a lot of them.

    Pac, we are not that special. We are just a little smarter than other life, but we all eat, seek to reproduce, crap, etc. One hundred years from now, yours and my existence in all likely hood will of been meaningless. I guess except to the kids you sire.

    I don't know anyone trying to kill off humanity, unless you are talking about abortions. We don't need lots of new people Pac, we won the race to spread our kind. And if you think embryos are people, then most men have spilled their seed on the ground and wasted billions of potential lives.

    My new argument for abortion is (you're the first I tried it on) is the fact that over 25 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage (not counting abortions.) It seems obvious that God or whomever, does not place a huge importance on embryos either. So abortion can not be that bad in his eyes.

    Is that where you see the quest to kill humanity, in abortion? Anne seems to, at least in one post. And I am glad you seem to know she is just fking with you.


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