Friday, August 28, 2009

Desperation Exploited

Seen on the web:
    RINOs will never come to their senses; they are the most disingenuous liberals there are. They’re not even honest enough to call themselves Democrats.

    Sarah Palin has enormous appeal to the American mainstream, and the MSM fools that sought to marginalize her defeated themselves by giving her so much press. Now the people know who they can count on. She speaks the honest, unassuming language of truth.

The set up is text book Orwell.
Suckers will respond to what they want to hear and the statists knows what that is, and the Ministry of Truth will give it to them. I was the first -- in early September last year -- to predict that a Palin Derangement Syndrome would top Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Persecution of her has been deliberately ginned up to play conservatives, gallant by nature and values, for suckers. There are enough Christians among them to have read or heard the teaching, "You will know them by their fruits," But that thought will be only momentary. The unfairness and intensity of the hate campaign against Palin overrules our judgment over some of her liberal stances, such as social policies and environmental views.

Yes she SPEAKS truths we all want to hear from national politicians. I for one have longed for someone to address the misanthropes, and so should have welcomed her speaking of Death Panels. But there has to be more than just speaking of things I want to hear spoken of. Her inclinations to accept AGW hogwash is inconsistent with fighting negative population growth (death seeking) policies. That is one big inconsistency!

The same game was played to force conservatives to defend W. We spent so much time fighting completely crazy charges against him, that those things he did do, of which conservatives disapproved, appeared minor in comparison. And there were no end of RINO influenced conservatives who lumped in with crazy Democratic critics all of us who legitimately criticized W's socialist policies. We wound up fighting amongst ourselves, and W successfully put Dem favorable policies in place.

In short, the stupid charges essentially overwhelmed the meaningful ones. And Statism continues to advance and tighten its grip.

Stop being so desperate to hear a leader who says things that your opponents know you want to hear. They can arrange to elevate their own opposition. W was never the opponent we needed against Democratic domestic gains and corruption. I sorely suspect Palin would not be either.

This Statist ploy to exploit conservative decency and hopes tires me so.
I wish I could convince many more of my fellow Americans to tire of it too. We need to fight the meaningful battles and find champions not of our opponents' choosing. I will never forget that McCain chose Palin, and then Dems and RINOs and even McCain forced us to defend her.


  1. That's an interesting take on Palin. Thanks for giving me food for thought.
    The trick is: How does any national candidate rise to electorate attention w/o media exposure?

  2. Ed, you raise the question that troubles all of us who wish to resist the statist takeover.

    The "Progressives" advanced their agenda under cover of liberalism which they have now brazenly cast aside. They succeeded gradually, incrementally, with agents in positions of influence both in and outside the political parties. The ones in the GOP have much less honor than the ones in the Rats.

    They advanced by taking advantage of our better natures and charging any and all opponents with not being liberal enough. They eroded the intent and safety afforded Americans by the Bill of Rights.

    Now that they're in power, and statism is breaking out in full blossom, you and I will not be granted the "liberal" attitude we granted the schemers.

    As you question implies, answer is NOT via MSM. None of it, including Fox and talk radio, can be trusted. We must risk talking to our neighbors and form blocs that may start with only a few homes, and then block, and then blocks. The trouble is, in urban areas like I live in, there are A.C.O.R.N. members and even earlier leftist types living all around me who will make this difficult. In my case, they have always succeeded before.

    The reason I am so sure of the agenda of the "Progressives" is in part because I've lived amongst them almost all my life. I have live in NY, MI, TX, and CA. In that time I have known a handful of übermenschen, and a whole shitload of those they have deluded. I'm so far still only the weird but harmless guy who lives in the old house. That's part of the reason I use a pseudonym. But it has merely forestalled the inevitable. Keep asking me questions while I'm still able to provide questions and insights.

    After all that Ed, don't allow my situation to become yours. Form your bloc today. Or enlarge the one you already have -- TODAY. Then use the internet and fliers to gain election to local and state offices for your most trusted people. And then know you will still lose some and prepare for it.

    As I've said a few times recently, I fear the rise of a national figure via the MSM. It becomes Orwell's Ministry of Truth more and more each day.

    The statists know we can overcome them with the web; all the more reason for them to pass the web-shutdown legislation of Sens Rockefeller and Snowe that has been around since 911.

    Use the web to seek the answer to your question in the short window of time the web remains open.

  3. I find your line of reasoning and logic interesting (whether it be about Palin or any other politico aspiring to the office of the President).

    And there is merit in what you say. However, until more information is produced regarding Palin's stance now (or in the past) I will be casting a wary eye, but won't discount her just yet.

    I remember her talking about "global warming", but I wonder what she did while in office to either support or not support what she has publicly stated regarding this. Indeed, I intend to see what I can find IRT her record while in office, on this and perhaps any (and all) "social issues" as well. We shall see how all this plays out.

  4. Casting a wary eye means a great deal Guy. I would never discount people who speak like Sarah Palin but will always cast a jaundiced eye based on how they rise to prominence. She is not the only one to say the things she says, yet the ones I suspect the most inclined us to listen to her (as I said originally), and we like to hear it, and so we are inclined to defend her, and that has been done before -- "the outcome is not in doubt" -- hence the title I gave this thread.

    I can only really speak for myself, but I get the sense I am not alone. As I see it, we all on the right want to rest. We want a leader to rise that we recognize who can begin to turn this around. We do not want to lead ourselves: too messy, risky, troublesome and requiring followers. And the schemers have been at this for so much longer than we who were too trusting, or when not trusting, too easily silenced. I fear we were silent too long.

    Now the schemers have too much money and too many agents at their disposal. For instance, we have no accounting for either the TARP or Stimulus finds, but we do get reports of jobs suddenly springing up at "independent" community activist groups -- offering 30K+ starting salaries and benefits.

    Our founders knew of what could threaten our republic, hence their famous "checks and balances." The political pattern that brought down the Roman republic seems to have been followed pretty much to a tee. Do you recognize it? If not, check it out.

    The biggest exception to Rome was that Roman consuls were generals with armies loyal to them, whereas our presidents are not generals, and our armed forces swear loyalty to The Constitution. Problems there is that our armed forces, like all our institutions, have been seeded with ideologues and CYA types who have and will frag the loyalists.

    Being wary requires a number of things. I'll explain better my concerns about people who say what we want to hear soon, maybe today.


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