Saturday, August 15, 2009


Post-Altruistic would be the most accurate title of our new age should the "Progressives" succeed. Of course, the Ministry of Truth would never permit to be broadly spoken such a mockery of what it is they tell us they are doing for us. So I'm posting this title now before it and your author can be officially denounced.

The "Progressive" agenda has been pretty much laid bare for all to see.
Our Leftist/Marxist crazies are rapidly deploying in response to the orchestrated acquiescence of our Rightist/statist schemers who helped install Obama.
Any who are still deluded are about to learn that altruism has always been eyewash for the masses. The Progressives have only claimed that altruism was their aim.
The least useful of the well-to-do have always loathed the working class simply because a worker bee so demonstrates how shallow are the drones. Our human drones simply cannot abide the implied insult.
Pretty simple really. No matter how high on the food chain a human rises, if he knows he has no really good traits to call his own he will despise all who do.

So forget all that phony baloney that the Progressives mean well. Post-altruism deigns how we'll be treated as we blithely permit the Post-modern Luddites to condemn our descendants to the life of premoderns.

A regular reader of my material suggested this title. He said he was inspired to it by the Progressive's progression I laid out here.

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  1. Let's be thorough and insist that the new Age will be post-Empathetic (poor Sotomayor/Obama bedraggled concept anyway) as well.

    The government will have raised the "social safety net" so high that they will have crowded out the traditional individual, social and church responses to the needy. There won't be any needy, excepting those who refuse to properly fill out the proper forms! There won't be any individual surplus to share with the needy; the Taxman will have seen to that. We will be able to honestly claim that we "gave (our all) at the office"!


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