Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Provisions, Madmen, and History

Despots Provide
The most important word here is Provided.

Focus: provide; providing; provisions.
Assignment number 1:
Gather news stories that demonstrate how those seeking power have provided there be aggravation of the many divisions and distinctions amongst American individuals, their intended targets subjects.
Recent example, from a White House web page:
" If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"
Gee, Do you think reporting comments you received from your relatives, friends, and neighbors could cause friction amongst us little guys? Where have we seen this before?

Borrow from Madmen
The most important phrases here are grown suddenly great and borrow from the madman.

Focus: grown suddenly great.
Assignment number 2:
This virtually writes itself. But delineate the man's rise from obscurity to the most powerful seat on the face of the earth in under five years.

Focus: borrow, borrowing, borrowed from madmen.
Assignment number 3:
Gather historical evidence of the various schemes, announcements, pronouncements, denouncements and fellow travelers of past seekers of deification and parallel them to the current incarnation.

Dear Readers
, these assignments are yours if you choose to do them. I urge you to accept them. Better: sub-assign parts to friends so that each of you will remember something in great detail. Combined you all add to the significance of each other's recall. It will provide you a bloc with credibility somewhat akin to the various "living books" in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, only it will not be fiction. Your bloc will feel more secure and empowered to speak out.

Accept these research assignments while you still are able. Because tomorrow even your mother may turn you in for maybe thinking them should you fail to act on behalf of your future today.

Condemned to Repeat History

God grant us the courage to face and strength to repel the horrors to come.

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