Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Fuses Ignite Big Bombs

The following interchange in the comment stream to an Andrew Klavan commentary published at Pajama's Media may serve as good soundbites in the fight against the Obama Health Plan.
Them: but, regardless, the [end of life] counseling part of the bills that lead to the death panel stuff, are an inconsequential part of the bills as i read them....

You: The bigger the bomb, the more inconsequential seems the fuse.

Them: ...what if congress just dropped [the death panels]? How would you feel about the proposed reforms then?

You: After finding and diffusing one mine, better to avoid a proven minefield entirely.
Advice to You who are fighting the ObamaCare proposals that Congress will try to ram down your throats in the coming weeks: Repeat these bold answers in your own words every time you find the chance.

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