Monday, August 03, 2009

Screeching for Mercy Whilst Your Murderers Giggle

Hat tip to Og for linking to the Velociman find.

The otherwise well-running Volvo starts to screech at just under 1 minute. Don't you just "love" the way these ObamaCare demolition workers jeer her in her death throes? "It's trying" at 1:04. At about 1:15 she makes a human like whine and another guy giggles.

Go on and listen to the rest, you heartless ghouls. I'm sure the sound of that poor Volvo enthralls you as you hear in her the echoes of the screams of millions of babies snuffed in the womb.

How can I make the rest of you not-yet-heartless idiots understand?

The Bosses
-- those who hire others who love destruction for the sake of destruction -- are flirting with the limits. No, not that they are blurring the differences between Right and Left. They long ago achieved that. Liberals who denounce speech; Conservatives who outspend drunken sailors. They are now deliberately blurring the distinction between right and wrong.

Taking perfectly working machines and destroying them so that nobody can ever make use of them again is simply EVIL. No, it's not the same as taking human life, but what makes you think that they who command such destruction see any difference? You are FOOLS to believe for a moment that they see a distinction.

You morons better screech now while you still have time and liberty.

For, mark these words:
The time is not long off when our elected leaders rulers morph those demolition workers into ØCare workers.

To your cries, those attending to your demise will giggle too.

"Mercy? Hehehehehe…."

God grant us the courage to face and strength to repel the horrors to come.

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  1. That Volvo could have been someone's reliable transportation for the rest of their lifetime, if they put as few miles on it as we do our 10 year old car.

    I suppose we should cheer on the Peugeot burners, also.


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