Thursday, August 20, 2009

You're Not Surprised

Is that the royal or divine "we" Barack?*
Please show us G_d's signature on your partnership papers Barry.

Readers of this blog and of the archives of cannot be surprised by this declaration.

Hear the words of Nimrod in that line folks. Can We's Tower of Babel be far off?

Oh, by the way "partner": you cannot CREATE life. All you can do is intrude your hand in matters related to death. Your pride is showing.

********** UPDATED HERE *************

*The same people who oohed and ahhed at Obama's "oratory skills that exceed Lincoln's" will be the first ones who'll deny he implied any blasphemy here. Great orators are always aware of the ambiguities of speech, and will include them or omit them at their leisure. Obama's sycophants will be disingenuous when they apologize for him, and he'll be worse than disingenuous for letting them.


  1. JC, Pasc, I didn't think ye were that much of a religious zealot that ye soundeth.

    But Obama, is in control of the language. Not in control of life. But no one really is in control of life, as life is what it is. Life.

    Get over it, there is no God, and we will not figure out life in our lifetimes.

  2. Reaper: If you're so sure there is no God....

    well, nevermind. In the afterlife, I look forward to seeing the stupid look on your face. Just like all those morons who "Had no idea" that Obama was such a piece of filth, those who believe there "is no God" are in for an amazing surprise.

    As for Pascal, he is a man of deep and abiding faith, so much so that he himself is unaware of the magnitude of it.

    But I can see it.

    Obama's teleprompter is in control of the language, perhaps. Obama himself can't string four words together.

  3. JC, I have hooked a real life lunatic (og).

    Og, buddy, why can't any of you, with your infinite faith, ever perform any miracles??? You have the faith, use it to do something. Show me, show me the power of your faith.

  4. I have no need for common miracles. I have real miracles before me, every day.

    Lunatic? yes, I suppose to someone ignorant or evil enough to believe in The One, someone with morals and reason would look very much like a lunatic. Hooked? I was here long before you showed your ass, and I will be here long after you are gone. You are the fish, not i.

  5. OG,

    Something is about to give
    I can feel it coming
    I think I know what it means
    I'm not afraid to die
    I'm not afraid to live
    And when I'm flat on my back
    I hope to feel like I did


  6. Wow, soemone who takes his philosophy from an idiot celebrity. How original. Your mom probably needs the computer, you should let her have it back.

  7. og, you dog, we are not that much different. we are the same, in the end, dogs and ogs, and man. we are all the same. life.

    get over your faith, as it is misplaced.

  8. Ah, it's you Ray. As it turns out, Og had posted a nice bit about Nimrod that I have since located and linked in my top post.

    You see the key phrase he used that I missed? " was the ability to endow LIFE, and not DEATH, that made one a God."

    Pretty good for a Neandertal. Many could benefit from trying on the perspective.

  9. We are the same onl;y in that we are both created by God. After that, you went sour like so much bad milk. Much unlike you, I put "faith" (though faith is a paltry word for the reality of it) in a supreme being, while you place your faith in the patent lies and failed ideologies of demonstrably flawed men. Good luck with that.

  10. pasc...., og is the same as a dog, as am i. as are we all. forget the Neandertal.

  11. yep. All created by God. And I know how much that must gall you, sorry.

  12. og u dog, get over it.

    God created the universe, then he walked off. There is no personal God. And if there is no personal God, then he doesn't matter.

  13. No, reaper, you get over it. You have only one desire, and that is to change my faith to yours; I believe, according to you, in a mythological being. I of course know differently. You place your faith in morons, fools, and the patently evil. I will get over nothing. You are clearly to damaged to get over anything, so you're doomed to wallow in your own ignorance forever. Hope you like it. me, I'd rather have imaginary than patently evil or stupid- but then, I know better.

  14. "God created the universe"
    Wait, ten minutes ago, there was no God. Now there is? Oh, I forgot, you're an Obot, you change the story as it suits you.

    Let me clue you in to something: We don't care what you think, and we have always won, in the end.

  15. og, you dog, i have no faith. i have reality. you and i, he and she, we, and the bacteria, we are all the same (more of less). get over your high hopes.

  16. I don't need hope, you anencephalic brat. You wouldn't know reality if it bit your smelly ass. You have precisely enough intellect to come to someone else's site and piss in the cornflakes; you haven't got a fact in your head.

  17. keep the faith og, you sound like you need it. Good Luck.

  18. When you have Faith, you don't need to keep it, it just is. And the last thing I need is you. Put down the bong, mom is coming.

  19. og, you simple dog, the reaper is a comin :-). you are such a simple soul...

  20. Bring it.

    Wait, you don't have "it" to bring, I forgot. Well, pick the bong back up. It'll do in lieu of awareness.

  21. im going to bed. your such a simple lot.

    the reaper.

  22. Are you sure you should be texting while walking around? Taxes your skills, I bet. Instead of just wandering around Neanderpundit like the coward that you are, why don't you make a comment? Boggle me with your knowledge. Come out with a fact. Maybe you think Global Warming is a fact. You could start there, and I could eviscerate every possible argument you could have, and then we could move on to your other areas of mind boggling stupidity. C'mon, I could use the laugh.

    Oh, right. You have no "it" to bring. I forgot.

  23. "your such a simple lot"
    excellent thumb typing. At least make an effort. You'll seem somewhat less like a fool.

  24. Ray or Reaper -- I prefer the first even if it doesn't have a blogger profile.

    Unfortunately Og saw your initial comment before I did, so your comment didn't get a chance to get to me before you and Og went off on a side rail.

    I don't see the religiosity in my thread, zealot or otherwise. What I'm concerned with is the ominous hubris in the president's statement.

    I'm familiar with Biblical scripture because I am what I claim to be -- an agnostic, honestly. That means I do not KNOW that God exists. But I'm am willing to concede that those who have kept the scriptures extant seem to understand nature, human and otherwise, pretty well. So I've become quite familiar with much of it.

    You may presume that men who recorded in it what they saw were more primitive than we. However, were it not for some of them, we would still be primitives. So be honest and know that, especially given our more hedonistic pursuits nowadays, there were men then who knew more than many of your friends and acquaintances do today. Like math for instance.

    Well, you might think I'd balk about all the supernatural stuff one may find in the Bible.

    Yet, who can deny the possibility that "miracles" are primarily observed events that wound up being explained as supernatural -- because man can't stand not KNOWING why things happen.

    See? Even with a purely secular view of Biblical writings there is that element that should warn the secular by revealing how overly arrogant man can be. They must have an explanation and so they invent one. Imagining causes and then deciding what MUST be done based upon those visions suggests the ultimate heights of arrogant lunacy.

    We were talking about Obama, right? Hope you liked my segue.

    What this post is about is the brazenness of stating what he did. This from a man who is famed for using language very well indeed.

    Are you comfortable with letting him, or his successor and their his agents decide whether you live or die? In partnership with God no less? That's the implication here.

    Maybe you can live with it. :)

  25. "Are you comfortable with letting him, or his successor and their his agents decide whether you live or die?"


    Pasc, are you talking about "death panels"?

  26. "og, you simple dog, the reaper is a comin :-). you are such a simple soul..."


    og, Just so there is no misunderstanding, I did not intend to say that I am coming for anyone. But death is coming to us all and there's no hiding from it. Life is what it is, then it's over, to be as it was, before we were born.

    Man, was I ever snocked last night.

  27. Pasc, do you really think Obama said "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."? Pasc, the Palins, and the other zealots are not playing with full decks. They have their own agendas and live in a fantasy world, where faith (lack of evidence) obscures what is really there.

    I personally think Palin flat out lies, much like we know W did.

  28. Pasc, since you seem ok so far, I grabbed RayGun per your mentioned preference.

    Plus, I think I might of been scaring the crazy cowardly cons a little bit. They talk big, but get scared really easy :-)

    n. One that reaps, especially a machine for harvesting grain or pulse crops.

    I was actually trying to harvest some minds, but most of the con ones I have encountered, the decay has progressed beyond salvage.

  29. Why are you so obsessed with Palin and dragging her into this? Ray, That's twice this morning you tried to change the subject to her.

    ICYF: It's Obama's words that are under the spotlight.

  30. Pasc, do you really think Obama said "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."?

    Please see the footnote up in my original post Ray. Surely you can apologize for Ø, the greatest orator evah, better than that.

  31. Pasc, their is some delusional thinking, if any one thinks those words were Obamas. And we know Palin is delusional with her death panel crap. Do you see a connection (delusion)? I thought you were different Pasc. But,if you think Obama said that, then your as nutty as the other cons.

  32. Delusional thinking? So far Ray, the only one denying those words are you. Not Obama, not his henchmen.

    I just did a google search for you. '"God's partner" denied' and came up blank. Try it yourself.

    Maybe now this comment stream will be the first to show up. If so, congratulations Ray, I guess. :)

  33. "as recorded in Rabbi Jack Moline's Twitter feeds"


    Sounds like pretty big news if he said that. I bet all we will hear is how it's pretty much a lie. Just like I think Obama said the death panels (Palin's) were lies (different words, but the inference was there).

    Why are the con nuts so against a health care option? Like MediCare, an option. Don't choose the government option and you won't be subjected to the imaginary death camps.

  34. Baby Ray,
    Stop using all these bullshit, uncreative cut-n-paste comments, and for christsakes stop pretending like you have a clue. You don't. Hell son, you used the very same wording in your lame ass comments to me.
    According to the charts I'm reading, you suck as a troll. You're going to have to get into another line of work, cause this stroke of lameness really isn't panning out for you.
    Dinner will be on a 5:30 sharp and I want this basement cleaned up, and be sure to make your bed.

  35. Dick the Wad, you sound so old that I bet your ready for the imaginary death camps.

  36. "I bet all we will hear..." Yeah, Ray. All YOU can do is guess what Obama will say, cuz he hasn't yet. That should be a red flag to you.

    Why, after 3 days, has he said nothing? Could it be because they are running around to make sure that there are no recordings? Why would they do that? Because his own people believe or know that he said it. Why haven't other of those 1000 rabbis denied it? It's a sin to bear false witness, so they'd be all over Moline if what he said was not what they heard. ***Crickets***

    The truly delusional are those Obama supporters who believe the man could never say anything so stupid.

    BTW Ray. There's good reason why I titled this thread "You're Not Surprised." Apparently, neither are Obama's Cleanup Crew. LOL

  37. Pasc, buddy, do you really think Obama would say something that inflammatory, even if he believed it? The nuts would go wild so why would he do it? Even if he believed it, wouldn't he keep quite about it?

    Obama is not Palin.

  38. First of all, I don't think he BELIEVES it. I think he, like you, does not believe in God.

    As to why he would say it? It is the nature of man to make stupid mistakes. You can't be that young and naive.

    What he said is well in keeping with what I've been writing about on this blog and at my website for about six years (and elsewhere long before that). Maybe if you had actually read what I've written -- instead of the hours of searching you've done of my site for hot button words -- you would already know that.

    Let me save you too much searching. Click July in my side bar, and then click on my commentary "Progress-of." Check it out. That may help explain why. We'll talk.

    I happen to have a follow up to it in the hopper that identifies the next stage. Perhaps you'll help me finish it?

  39. "I think he, like you, does not believe in God. "


    I hope your right about him not believing in an imaginary being whispering what to do in his ear. We have seen what kind of trouble that can be.

    I've spent very little time on your site. You give yourself too much credit. I have poked around a little, and I thought you were agnostic. Don't think so any longer. I skim this stuff really fast, so please point to items like "Progress-of.". I'll check it out. Thanks.

  40. "I've spent very little time on your site"

    yep. That's evident by your comments.

    Yap yap, little doggie. Not a thought in your head, as you've proved.

    WV: Misfun. I'm gonna miss the fun of smacking reigunn around, but not very much.

  41. og, you little dog, I can handle you with quart of vo coursing through my veins.

    oggy, did you already not post a comment? Guess Im done with you, maybe not on Pascs site.

    You let the Dick say whatever he wants, but cut me off? You scared little cowardly con, go hide.

  42. Pasc, do you really believe all the bible stuff? There is so many holes, its hard to believe anyone has faith in it.

  43. I presume you are speaking about something I've said on some other thread. Why not be specific in your criticism of what I've stated at the specific thread and we'll see if there isn't something useful even for you?

    Like I said, I find knowledge of it useful.

    I'm told that's a sin by some Bible thumpers, so it should delight you. :)

  44. "More importantly, you realize that judgment day is coming, and your Judge will not be impressed. What profit you to gain the whole world yet lose your immortal soul? Even in a universe where you may be convinced that God does not exist..."


    JC Pasc, are those your words?

  45. Yes. I used the terms that the religious use as metaphors for reality. Go ask me this at that thread and I'll explain it there to your delight.


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