Saturday, August 08, 2009

W/E 08Aug09- Curmudgeonly summary

The typical Gentle Reader of Eternity Road also reads widely of other sources. Therefore, he cannot help being aware of the numerous outbreaks of leftist thuggery at "town hall meetings" nationwide. He also can't help being aware that the Obamunists are characterizing these incidents as "violence by right-wing extremists:" a classic case of turnspeak.

Your Curmudgeon suspects that Obama's proposed "Civilian Community Service Corps" is aimed in this direction. After all, he's already made it plain that he wants no more backtalk. Of course, his Web minions are already striving to shout down anti-social-fascist sentiments. Plainly, The Won and his henchmen fear that their mainchance strategy for achieving permanent totalitarian control of the United States is foundering before the opposition of the suddenly energized electorate. And of course, just collecting the names, addresses, and sentiments of the most vocal opponents won't, in the end, be enough: they'll need to be "dealt with."

It's time to prepare for the worst.

The preceding is something I felt was important in and of itself. It is an extract of the lead in for what could be, for you, a very important series: Heirs Of Patrick Henry, Part 1: Preparations.

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