Sunday, August 23, 2009

You're Not Surprised 2

The last time you were not surprised, I casually compared Obama's self-important "We are God's partners in matters of Life and Death" to that of Nimrod of the Bible. Since then I've had the delight to be enlightened, supplemented and reinforced a number of times about my observation. The following is a digest of all of it.

The bulk of this came from Og (and his best line has the link).
Nimrod’s error may best be described this way: “He was a great hunter. As his stature grew to where he claimed the power of death over all of God’s creation, so too did his impression that he was godlike himself. (Not realizing it was the ability to endow LIFE, and not DEATH, that made one a God).”
The following is lifted entirely from commenter ahad ha'amoratsim at Klavan's blog:
In Jewish tradition, Nimrod was called a mighty hunter (the Hebrew actually translates more accurately as “trapper”) because he trapped men with his smooth talk and manipulated them with words into making him absolute ruler over them. Nimrod in Jewish tradition is also the one who threw the youth Abraham into a furnace for destroying Terach’s idols.
Hmm, hubris, glib, talks people into giving him unchecked power despite his being no more fit for it than they are — good pick[cf. for Obama]! [emphasis added]
You see? Nimrod in his hubris assessed that he and God should be able to speak eye-to-eye, as equals do. He convinced his people to help him build the great Tower. You may know how that turned out.

The sort of foolishness that reaches so high has forever been associated with Nimrod, and babbling nonsense has forever been associated with mankind whenever it follows men such as he.
The last observation come from a Dicentra left at the Protein Wisdom Pub.
In other words, Obama is a Nimrod.
I can get used to that.
LOL I swear, I hadn't thought of that old schoolyard taunt when I made the connection initially. But given that the dictionary says nimrod means fool, I guess now that we know the etymology of the word, we can tell the difference from a mindless slur and factual application.

Given the nature of the man and the nature of the people who adore him: WOW!

I swear, I am not that good a wordsmith, I stumbled upon this vision, and I doubt I could have done it alone.
I have many friends to thank, and if I missed anyone, please let me know -- or quick, go and hide!


Sdferr's image of Obama doing his Nimrod imitation.

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