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A Dangerous Silence, Breaking

    Misanthropy is a major driving force within the Prog movement. While it is not a certainty that it was there from the start (19th Century), there is no doubt it is there now. The Sustainability sub-movement of the Prog's has demonstrated that in many ways, and its most open fanatics explicitly deride humanity's numbers as the root of the problem.
Their success at hiding their intentions has taken our elite to a terrible new frontier. While organ transplant demand certainly risks making potential commodities of us all, the unspoken nightmare is that you'd be supremely lucky if your life is ended quickly.

I apologize to readers for repeating that opening paragraph one more time, but I’ve spent at least 30 years (Ca. 1992 a death cultist "doctor" got me banned from Prodigy) exposing at nearly every opportunity how the Prog movement hates humanity other than themselves. Oh, I’m sure independent psychologists would declare that their fanaticism reveals their self-hatred as well, but I think that aspect is not worth pursuing even if those so afflicted could pay heed.

What has changed is that over the last few decades organ transplants have become a big business with many seeking to benefit from it. The silence that is breaking is the awareness that confronting the common man is a danger like none before it. Not only will the DNA database make many more people targets for abduction for "donation," but those targets are going to be subject to much more torture.

Why subject to torture? Because those who can pay to get their new heart on demand will want that heart stress-tested so they will not need to undergo a new surgery too soon. I leave it to readers to consider how much they are looking forward to the many ways they might be “stress tested.”

Maybe I'm wrong. I pray that I am. So I'd love to hear sound objections.

So many believe that organ transplants are here to stay that the very notion of challenging them as a threat is a threat itself.

Or if you or a loved one has obtained one or are seeking one, you may hate me for troubling your conscience, and you'd prefer to see me as engaging in hysterics and delusions. Show me how?

Objections will come from all comers about how organ transplants are here to stay: from Right and Left and anywhere in between. Let's hear it if you have some clear counter-arguments other than common stupid and foreseeable ad hominems.

The point is that from my conversations both on the web and in meat space, the silence is breaking. It is clear that I am not the only one who sees the threat for abduction and murder. But I appear to be the first who has broken the news to people of the torture likelihood.

"Where did you hear that?"
"Nowhere. It is a logical follow on once human life is reduced to a mere commodity."
So lets formerly break the silence. Bring your arguments and let us spread the results. That's the least we can do. It is futile to wait for corporate media and associates to speak of it first. Power has worked to keep this sub rosa for too long already.

First it is fair that you ask:
"What silence? There have been fictions that have explored unwilling donors for decades."
Yes, but I don't know of any popular one that mentions torture. You should view that threat as inevitable. Furthermore, we do not know how painful because the possible ways are far more broad than merely being aware that you or a loved one are to be murdered for the sake or at the whim of some high ranking bastard.

Another objection is:
"Surely we've been told that there are safety measures installed in the industry. Why doubt it?"
Who cannot doubt? The willful naif? After only a few undercover videos revealed the glee and greed of the Planned Parenthood officials in their collecting of body parts from surely pain-feeling near newborns, who is so naive that anybody is safe from powers that can bribe or threaten those installed to keep the practice from being abused? And what I have just written doesn't even mention that the practice is nearly cannibalism. It certainly is cannibalization. And who knows how many Lecters are out there willing to pay for their dinner too?


Well, there I have provided you with a couple of strong objections I've encountered and given you my responses. What else have you got?

Oh, one more thing. Let's point out that there now is added meaning, and perhaps reinforcement to our commitment, to a very old challenge, vividly:


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  1. I read an account of the transplant "industry" in China. Some seven or more story building was its latest flagship institution. Clearly the Falun Gong people are the source of "supply." The volume was just too high.

    I've thought that the left is anti-life and would swoon at news that the population of the earthy will be reduced 90% tomorrow. How they'll be selected for either group they don't seem to consider but clearly humans care considered up there with fungus and dengue fever.

    There's nothing recognizably human in leftist movements. Half-naked women of no particular beauty, masked thugs, hysterical feminists, corrupt academics. All completely unmoored from the rhythms of life familiar to our ancestors. Plastic outrage. Nothing more.

    1. Re: "humans can instantly change from declaring their gratitude in one moment to displaying resentment and worse in the next."
      Smith: Thanks loads. It's what I was missing.
      Jones: My pleasure my friend. I'm glad it helped.
      Smith: It did indeed. I should have seen it myself. In fact I probably would have had you not intruded. Were you trying to make me look stupid?
      Jones: No, of course not. We all could use help from time to time.
      Smith: But who asked you? You robbed me of an opportunity to figure it out on my own. [Grumble, grumble, grumple.]
      Jones [to himself as he subtly puts distance between him and Smith]: Damned if you do and Goddamned if you don't. Smith is a fool and is, sadly, far from an isolated example. I'd do it again, but just not for Smith.

  2. It does appear hopeless doesn't it Colonel? I get the nagging feeling that that is how they've engineered us to react. Does "Resistance if futile" ring a bell? If that is so, then I choose not to behave as they wish. But I still wish I had a key to the door that triggers real outrage. I've read your work and I know you would. You've even resigned from commenting at GoV as did Nemesis.

    It so bad even my moralist friend and your founding co-author at Liberty's Torch hasn't chimed in on this topic. Yet my friends at Crusader Rabbit did and permitted me to publish there. Go figure who will actually fight. I am sometimes absolutely certain that people whom I thought could be counted on are never there when needed most. Hence the turning to prayer. Sometimes that will bring in new thoughts that permit us to try again whereas expecting help from other human beings often brings exactly the opposite. The universe works on cause and effect, but humans can instantly change from declaring their gratitude in one moment to displaying resentment and worse in the next. Prayer may not result in an answer, but it won't rat you out to the authorities in hopes of getting eaten last.


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