Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Broken Clock On Thanksgiving

This inspiring video was posted by Darin at Crusader Rabbit. I wished to share it, but with advice against thinking too highly of its author .

It's an "a broken clock is right twice a day" situation. I've long lamented that it's too bad the “former” radical Medved has to be such a consistent buttlicker of the likes of McCain. His stances are consistent to the point that he gives the appearance he aims to keep the "Progressive" Incrementalist inroads gained through the pressure provided by his old radical comrades, but does so by hiding out on our side. So he serves as a reminder that it is far better to be thought of as a decent sort of fellow rather than a very smart one.

He’s the sort that drove this site to hold a cash contest to replace RINO with an intentionally more uncomplimentary and fitting acronym. SKUNC was the result. The first letter stands for either Statist or Stooge, depending.

If only once a year we gather together to be thankful for whatever joy, large or small, we may have been granted, it is actually a major thing for which to be grateful.

So today I’ll grant Medved the label of Statist alone, grateful for his contribution to restoring, from the onslaughts of the Social Justice Cretins, the prestige that Thanksgiving deserves.


  1. Happy thanksgiving nonetheless to you Pascal, and to all who frequent here.

    1. Absolutely, no nonetheless.

      I consider this video to be a truly enjoyable and welcome contribution for reinvigorating original meaning into this holiday.

      My caveat too is important because I wouldn't want anyone to extend more value to the video's author than this singular instant. (He tends to be great at many historical presentations that contain very little noticeable Prog propaganda.) It's just that he's so much of a SKUNC on contemporary politics that it swamps out, at least for me, his positive contributions.

      Give the constrictor credit where credit is due, but beware the danger of embracing him -- and he you.

  2. And a happy Thanksgiving to you Ed and to Pascal. Although I am not an American, I do share in those traditions that tend to bind a population, after all, that is what traditions are all about and why the destroyers of a moral population will always attempt to tear down.

    Back in 2008, I had an American guest who cooked for us a full thanksgiving dinner (as payment for services rendered in showing him around and providing transport to his gigs)

    I had to supply the turkey and wot not, but what a feast we had and all washed down with good Australian beer!

    Enjoy America's special day!

    1. Thank you Neme.

      How fortunate for you that your grateful guest could cook! :)


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