Thursday, October 26, 2017

Social Justice Cretins

I've been through this before. Over two decades. Most who will read the following will be wont to tell himself that there is nothing he can do to fight against the hegemony of the predominant media. Yet Donald Trump succeeded at it.

Don't you get it yet? He was smart enough to read you, and bold enough to heed what you have been writing on the web for the last 25 years, and he made it his message.

Do you think it's only a Trump who could dent the SSM's influence? Dammit men -- it's been you all along! Don't stop now!

I'm compelled to write this because I've had my fill of reading sentences with the acronym SJW (social justice warrior) in them. I don't care if the term drips irony given the alleged pacifist predilections of the creeps to which it refers. The Left Sinister has no sense of humor, is immune to sarcasm, cannot be shamed, won't even call out each other for murder, so why would they do it for inconsistency and hypocrisy? The very same thing for which they've been trying to bring Trump down on treason charges  -- collusion and money laundering with the Russians to influence the last election -- they've been caught doing themselves. And now they don't want to talk about it. They could not have sunk any lower. (Well, let me not underestimate them yet).

So are we entertaining ourselves with mild ironies, and at that ones that only we acknowledge? Self-pleasuring is still not highly regarded no matter what the Cultural Marxists have been scheming to convince your children of.

Thus I am finding it hard to take seriously most opponents of the "Social Justice" Cretins (SJC) when they still use the SJW designation rather than SJ anything else.

Look I get it. In part it's lazy, in part it's despair. But the consequences of its continued use will be worse than it becoming clichéd.

If I fail to make a strong enough case, you all will continue to feel compelled to use SJW because everyone knows to what sort of creeps SJW refers. But amongst themselves they look at it as a badge of honor — the same always inconsistent idiots who claim waging war is a bad thing even as they now rejoice when one of theirs, wearing a mask, slugs one they believe is one us with a bike lock. And that was only the start, because their behavior and self-aggrandizement have gotten bolder and worse.

I'm sorry if I'm repeating many of my points, but they are significant.

Initially I could see any who opposed them using the term warrior for them in a sarcastic manner. But if there is anything that the SJCretins are consistent about it’s their lacking any sense of humor. Sarcasm and other civilized means of contradictory rhetorical style is wasted on them. Only outright insults in return for the insults they hurl makes any sense nowadays — in fact that’s what conservatives detest about the GOPe types with their insistence we not call the opposition all the sinister terms they deserve. And now their behavior has been revealed to be far in excess of worthy of insult. Treason is a legitimate charge. And I'm only asking that you engage in fitting insults for the less than treasonable useful idiots of the treasonous.

Calling a spade a spade is not only what Trump supporters like the most about Trump, it is also what those who have been luke warm about him give him credit for.

Look the SJWC is a relatively new group. Don’t let them over time ruin the good and noble word warrior with it being connected to them. Don’t let them wear the badge dishonorably as the Progs and Libs with their preferred labels have simply because the SSM has long permitted them those labels.

Both the Progs and libs have an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the longer words associated with them. Progs are the opposite of progressive with their post modernist, critical theory, PC tyrannies they’ve been cooking us with, and the Libs encourage government freedom (tyranny) that constrains individuals (anti-liberty).

Please join me in creating a common parlance that contains a nasty designation for these rotten pukes. Social Justice Cretins doesn’t have to be it. Something, anything else. I’m warning you, over time they will erase the meaning of warrior just at the old meaning of gay can never be reclaimed. Simply don’t allow them SJW any longer. Please!


  1. The image of pajama boy being a warrior is hilarious.

  2. The term social justice cretins is apt!

    1. Thank you. I'm sure that college students will be expelled when they use it because hearing it makes the little cowards uncomfortable. That cloud has a potential silvermine lining.

  3. Related: here in Northern Virginia (Bernie Land and Hillary land, of course), one of the local high schools, J.E.B. Stuart High School, recently had its name changed to Justice High School. Ugh.


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