Friday, May 17, 2013

Here's a Fine Example

About 8 months ago I published the short post The Most Dreadful Phrases about some hard learned wisdom.  Among the dreadful phrases is "I thought you were smart."   Today I saw this headline in my sweep of news (h/t Newsbusters by way of  JWF).

Luke Russert: ‘Smart’ House Republicans Aren’t The ‘God, Guns & Guts People’

Money quote:
...they got to keep it serious, they can't make this into a witch hunt because they lose the political high ground. The best committee to have out of the gate in order to have these types of questions, Joe [Scarborough], is the House Ways and Means committee. You remember from your time up here, that's where the party puts its stars. It's not the God, guns and guts people on the Ways and Means committee, it's the smart people, it's the people that understand the true mechanisms of government. 

Let me interpret this the way little Russert meant it. "The party that is allegedly [wink, wink] the home of those representatives who know that government needs to be kept on a short leash, that's the one where the smart people know which way the wind blows and what side butters their bread."

Like I said last August, "I thought you were smart" is the kind of line you hear from those who are disappointed you don't fall in line with the corruption that "everybody else" is a part of.


  1. Geez, Pasc. I thought you were smart.

  2. Waits patently for Obambi's "Chicago boys" to show up here....

    "Nice little blog you got here. Be a shame if something was ta happen to it." *First thug "bumps" into sidebar, denting same* "See? Anything can happen, if youz are not too careful. Or if you rile up the wrong personage." "That's why youz might want to consider getting some "insurance". Perhaps even going union...cause dar is strength in numbers!"

  3. Hey, youse guys knows the drill! Whoda thunk?


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