Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuel for Fires, Criminal Negligence, and Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown has been making headlines asserting global warming is to blame for the California fires.

I'm posting only because missing from the commentary is the recognition that removal of dead trees and brush from the public forests and grasslands has been made illegal by anyone not working for a state or federal agency.

Such good Samaritan husbandry was made illegal due to law suits brought by radical environmentalists.

Those suits were largely paid for by unaccountable non-profit foundations.
  • Any suits that landed in front of a judge who might rule against the suit would be dropped, and the costs absorbed.
  • The winning suits were heard before judges with whom the plaintiffs felt comfortable.
It is a practice that has a seedy sounding label: judge-shopping. This explains why large sources of money are needed for such assaults on normal decent behavior. It suggests such plaintiffs needs a judge whose penchant is less than that.

These suits were won even though the judges were warned that dry brush is fuel for wildfires, and that there are many people with the experience and ability to reduce such risks free of charge.

But the concerns for wild life, property and human life were all pushed aside. It's hard to call such judges liberal at times like this. If they had a bias, they should have recused themselves from the cases they heard. So perhaps such judges are less liberal and more Leftist?

In other times, times less under the control of Leftist sinister forces, concerns for human life outweighed whatever other arguments anyone could bring to court.

Today, not so much.

Yet even today, were you to let your backyard or empty lot grow uncontrolled, and left to dry out and unkempt, and then a fire breaks out on it -- you would be charged with criminal neglect.

So why isn't the government and its ruling held to the same standard? Why doesn't the press afflict the governor with questions about his comfort with the environmental rules as they stand?

Why does Governor Brown seek to lay the cause of wildfires purely at the door of alleged human caused climate change?

Why does Governor Brown not lay the blame at the door of those whom insisted that the fuel remain on public lands waiting only for the first spark to ignite it all?

Well perhaps its his guilty conscience. When Governor Brown failed even to utter a harsh word against the Green nutcases who forced public lands to be filled with tinder, he became guilty of criminal negligence, and he left those he is supposed to serve at grave risk.


  1. Have you heard that the entire city of Santa Barbara is being evacuated because of these fires?

    California is being systematically destroyed by these fires that seem to turn up from nowhere - that is, there is no weather that produces lightning strikes being recorded prior to these blazes erupting. In my opinion, and after having seen some compelling phone and video footage, these fires are deliberately targeting specific areas that seems to be a strategy.

    California is after all America's food bowl -so who would be doing such a thing?

    1. Well, the largest of the several is the Thomas fire damaged more than a few food producing fields, but all the others were near residential areas. As far as I can see, all fires started on public lands. When I say government is culpable for criminal neglect I'm not just whistling Dixie.

      A single cigarette butt discarded carelessly could start any of them. However, when this all started I hinted here ( at how the "careless" could have had a few recruits mixed with them. That was thanks to both SSM and social media.

      There is a link I provided in that earlier post that discloses how the envirowackos through the courts created the tinder boxes. It is that fuel which so greatly aids the firebugs in getting their thrill of success beyond what they could do by themselves.

    2. What is occurring in California right now re: those fires goes well beyond 'firebugs' or other nut jobs.

      I was looking over a few websites that have been running commentaries on what is happening and how many of those fires are spot fires burning independently and far too numerous to be have been caused by individuals or even jihadists, with murder on their minds.

      James Munder has some good info on Youtube - just type his name in and behold, but beware, you will need to keep your mind open as to what he and others are reporting away from the standard narrative of the MSM.


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