Thursday, June 14, 2018

Wordplay With the Game of Euchre and Donald Trump

In the card game of euchre, the knave of the trump suit is highest. 

When one comes up short in a transaction under suspicious circumstances the euphemism that arose from the game is "I was euchred." Swindled.

Various European states that were cajoled into joining the EU appear to be saying they were EUchred and want out.

I find it humorous to see it this way: The knaves in the EU hate the Donald primarily because he seems to have turned out to be the wild-card that Trumps them.

The states of the EU have noticed.


  1. Good analogy!
    Or simile, or is it a metaphor?

  2. Thanks Ed.

    Similes require like or as.

    The appearance of knaves seems to be a collective opinion of individuals, so is no metaphor.

    EUchred was coined to be a coincidence to euchred that I offered up as a laugh about a nasty situation. So it's a metaphor, the coincidence a simile.

    Sorry for the delayed post. For some reason Blogger is no longer informing me via email that I have comments needing moderation. I will try to remedy.

  3. The E.U. picked up where Hitler left off. And you are right, the E.U. is EUchred, and Italy, just as it was the catalyst for the Third Reich's destruction is once again playing the catalyst for the Nazi (E.U.) downfall.

    1. I've missed you Neme. Since I comment mostly at CR, and sometimes originate posts there, and you don't respond there, we don't have the chance to influence each other much anymore. A pity.

      I've pretty much given up though trying to influence others. I'm afraid contemporary West is so full of people out for the own pleasure they care not that some of what they desire because it is possible leads to the enslavement, abduction, torture and death of people not unlike themselves. And they choose not to notice. There is so much imagined hatred being publicized that they know longer recognize those things that are really hateful. The Golden Rule's most simple form -- DO NOTHING THAT IS HATEFUL -- is rendered thereby almost impossible to obey when the personal conscience has been numbed enough by mass media.

    2. Unfortunately, the very worst aspect of humanity has yet to be exposed to the point that the general public will become openly aware of it. And what is about to be exposed after the mid-terms are over and Trump has both houses on side, will cause such awareness of the evil that has been controlling much of humanity that it will no longer be able to be ignored.

      Those who choose lives of pleasure over their responsibility to learn all that one is able to be learned from what it is to be human in this life, will come to regret it.

      I wouldn't be welcome at CR, hence my disinterest in visiting that site.


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