Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Something Fishy In States of WI & MI

Early morning today there were step function rises in votes for Biden in two battleground states run by Democrats.


No votes at all for Trump appeared at the same time. Trump previously enjoyed a large lead when the discontinuities occurred.

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  1. [Author's note. The following comment by Paul Scott was initially published and then accidentally deleted.]

    paul scott has left a new comment on your post "Something Fishy In States of WI & MI":

    I was monitoring Wisconsin and Michigan from Bangkok here on the night of 3rd November early morning 4th November Eastern USA time. I had a clear win for Trump in both those States,also Pennsylvania,Georgia, South Caroline, West Virginia. All the swing States except Nevada. I knew nothing of the likelihood of flipping votes but I watched it happen and took screen shots. Thousands of votes at a time came in for Biden, with a nil fro Trump. There is absolutely no doubt what happened. The USA is a sick as later day Roman Empire was. It's very bad. I am from New Zealand and that is now a Socialist State . We had guns removed from citizens after a false flag hoax shooting was said to have taken place in Christchurch. The video made of the event show an air pop gun, dead people moving, shits through glass that doesn't break,obvious green screen CGI, a complete farce.


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