Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Little Joy, Lost

Where such a happy scene as expressed below has not disappeared altogether, it has been dwindling bit by bit, year after year.

If the joyous sound of which this tune sings, and the happy seasonal scenes and feelings that the lyrics depict, have been removed from the streets of your local city, here is a nostalgic reminder.

I was five years old when this tune was published.  Its lyrics are quite accurate.

If you don't recall such an occasion, I am sad for you.
If you've never experienced the scene at all, I'm angry with those of my generation who stole it from you.

Here's hoping the Orwellian schooled joy-killers don't convince Youtube et alii to eradicate all traces of this original 1950 recording of Silver Bells, and the memories it stirs with it.


  1. Memories of my childhood in my sisters apartment looking down at the snowy street decorated for Christmas listening to this.

  2. Very difficult to cobble together the Christmas spirit when the temperature outside is expected to get to 110 Fahrenheit during the afternoon. But as kids growing up in the 'fifties' we managed somehow.

    Bing was always a favorite at our house.


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