Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexcapade Exposures and Swamp Draining

It would be a wonderful run of good luck should the large number of exposures of sexual misconduct lend a hand in DJT's campaign promise to drain the open cesspool that was once a respectable swamp.

But there appears to remain a selectivity in the manner and type that have been driven out of jobs or office. In media, so far no women have been axed. How come? Are there no overly powerful lecherous lesbians or tranny's out there? This remains an openly sexist gap to fill.

It is mind boggling how the "icon" Conyers is being pushed out, but the former awful-clown and now simply deranged senator Franken appears to have no end of defenders. At least one has charged that racism is the reason for the mixed reception.

I think such a warn-out charge is first what you'd expect to hear from the radicals, and second, such a racy charge can provied cover for the real reason. That's the sort of thing radicals always have provided Establishment Progs -- some red herring to keep people's attention away from what they really need done or are doing.

Our best guess here is that Mitch McConnell is behind the inconsistency. Being GOPe leader means he needs a certain number of Dems to remain in the Senate, and the loss of a sure radical like Franken would reduce the D-R balance from 48-52 to 47-53. This would make it much harder to prevent reversal of institutionalized Prog past legislation. Protecting Prog gains has been and remains the Prog GOP's century old task. This is in keeping with the frequent -- and so glaring -- inconsistency between what McConnell ought to want to do (push conservative GOP advances) from what he is doing (getting in the way of reversing Dem enacted laws like Obamacare).

However, when you look for consistencies you find them. Thus his acceptance of Franken, but his constant fighting against Moore makes sense. And remember, long before McConnell's alleged feeding molestation charges to the WaPo, he was actively funding and campaigning for someone, anyone, for Senate of Alabama but the stalwart anti-establishment Moore.

The most remarkable thing about all these sex scandals is that they provide a huge torpedo to the credibility of all the Establishment media and pols just when they seemed to be having an effect on the Roy Moore election and its potential to rid the senate of another SKUNC and replace him with an anti-swamp member.

You gotta wonder two things. Is this just another bit of luck going the way of DJT? Or does he have allies buried in the "Deep Media" we don't know about? If this old sex scandal surrounding Al Gore gets revisited, especially should DJT take on the EPA really hard (as it seems he did the Paris climate accords) then just maybe so. LOL

Whoa Pascal! Trump with friends hidden in media leaking all this? Can't be.  Who'd buy that idea in some novel?

Truth is stranger than fiction. And the climax of current witch hunting has not yet been reached.


  1. The Left, and that includes McConnell, have completely underestimated Trump. What we are now seeing is the collapse of not only those in Congress, who thought they had the game all tied up in their favor, but also those in the media who chose to dance the pipers tune and the Billionaires who have used their wealth to influence those with any kind of authority who live unprincipled and immoral lives, for their own purpose.

    It's all coming apart for the criminal class who truly have no clue as to why, and like the proverbial domino, are falling all over themselves in their haste and attempts to extricate themselves from what is coming their way.

    Trump has many allies in this 'swamp draining' and they would be those who have had to sit back and stay mum while they witnessed the ongoing shenanigans within and without government because the media were actively part of the problem.

    Well, no longer is that the case and I have my popcorn and butter ready for what we will all be witness to in the coming weeks and months!

  2. Truth is stranger than fiction.
    As you said.

    1. Hey Ed. Being in CA, I'm only now learned of the MI Dem candidate for AG ad

      She must be gambling that the sexist gap in media posed by my question above Are there no overly powerful lecherous lesbians or tranny's out there? won't be filled before election day.

      LMAO because the likelihood of it happening increases daily.


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